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Apr 2015
Apr 05 2015 09:48
@freeman-lab Ah padding with the nearest pixel is a great solution. I have checked on my laptop and it seems to be working correctly. Unfortunately I wont be using the Imac at work until after CodeNeuro because I have broken my leg. So i wont be able to tell you what I was doing to cause the 0 padding at the edge of the images until then.
Apr 05 2015 18:06
Hi, I would like to know if Thunder is useful to work with Mass Spectrometry imzML data? Also, can this time of binary file be split to different nodes of the Spark cluster?
Jeremy Freeman
Apr 05 2015 18:43
@shefali23 I think it probably would be! I don't know much about analyzing those kinds of data, but I do think there's a lot of overlap, and the binary imzML format seems pretty similar to the one Thunder's binary loader handles
using ThunderContext.loadSeries with binary data handles a single file or multiple files, and in both cases loading and subsequent processing is parallelized across the cluster