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Apr 2015
Grant R. Vousden-Dishington
Apr 10 2015 06:04
I've been trying to get thunder-python installed ahead of the CodeNeuro NYC hackathon, but pip keeps hitting a snag trying to install it. I had no problems with downloading the pre-built Spark for Hadoop 1.x or setting the environment variable - I use Windows Powershell (64-bit) on a Windows 7 machine. When trying to pip install thunder-python the code fails with error code 1. Looking at the stack trace, the problem seems to happen in the decoding\ module with the problem line being from thunder.rdds.series import Series (line 7). I've tried using pip with both thunder-python versions 0.5,0 and 0.4.1.
Richard A Hofer
Apr 10 2015 22:21
Thunder is currently missing a way of performing a matrix inversion on RowMatrix, right?
I'm a CS undergrad looking at implementing this. I'd like to confirm that it is something which would be useful first though.