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Jun 2015
Gilles Vanwalleghem
Jun 09 2015 07:02
Hey there, I have been using thunder successfully for a while now, so I got a larger allocation on our university cluster, I am trying to setup spark workers to scale up thunder with additional nodes. I am starting the spark-master on my master node and I can connect workers to it without problems. However, when I start thunder using thunder --master spark://master-ip:7077 it does not appear to connect to it in any useful way. I can see the worker fine on the http://master-ip:8080 but no work appears to be directed it's way and I see no driver connected to the master. Did I miss something in the spark conf files ?
Jun 09 2015 15:05
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Jun 09 2015 15:55

Hey guys,
The recent changes to the Colorize class (and its other funtions) mean that i can no longer create a grid of subplots via this method:

image = Colorize.image

image(img [:,:,0])

image(img [:,:,1])

Is this a change in the API or a bug? - is this why you introduced Colorize.tile
How should the tile function be called? I have currently been trying to call it like this:

tile = Colorize.tile

where img is a 3D numpy array with the dimesnions (x,y,15) - each time I try this an error stating that the dimensions are invalid

Jeremy Freeman
Jun 09 2015 21:04
@tomsains this change was to make it easier to control figure sizing (via the size argument), but that does mean by default the image function makes a new figure
to restore your old behavior, you can pass the ax argument with the current axis, i just tested the following and it works:
image(img[:,:,0], ax=plt.gca())
image(img[:,:,1], ax=plt.gca())
but you're also correct that the tile function is meant to handle this case, the issue is that we assume the first axis is the one containing the images to tile
so in your case you're want to do:
perhaps we should give the tile method an axis argument which lets you specify which axis to use as the index into the images
so in your case you'd call tile(img, axis=2)