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Jun 2015
Jun 13 2015 01:33
Hi @freeman-lab. I'm currently doing research on complex brain networks (stuff done by Olaf Sporns and Danielle Bassett). Are there any network algorithms that may benefit thunder?
Jun 13 2015 12:20
I'm attempting to install Thunder. There is an unmet dependency for termstyle>=0.1.7. I tried pip install --allow-external termstyle thunder-python but got the same result. I'm using Anaconda 2.2.0 and Python 2.7.9. Any suggestions? Apologies, as I'm clearly a Python novice as well.
Jeremy Freeman
Jun 13 2015 18:44
@lilumb thanks for catching this! figured out the problem, one of our fairly minor dependencies changed its package name on the python package manager. will clean this silliness up and push an official patch tonight...
Jun 13 2015 20:03
@freeman-lab I'll look forward to that - thank you! Glad it wasn't some newbie error on my part.