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Jul 2015
Jul 22 2015 12:56
Hi guys. Good news, I finally manage to setup the cluster and thunder. But now I need some thunder examples to test on my cluster. Is there a place I can go to find this testing examples ?
Dan O'Shea
Jul 22 2015 20:45
Hey guys, dumb question here. I'm working locally from my laptop (launched with thunder), and I've set the AWS_* env variables to my AWS credentials. I'm trying to access images that I have up on a bucket using tsc.loadImages('s3n://bucket/path/to/files/', inputFormat='tif'). But I'm getting an error inside boto, from ssl match_hostname about how the hostname Should I not be using dots in a bucket name? I'm guessing this is related to this issue on boto boto/boto#2836 ?
Jeremy Freeman
Jul 22 2015 20:54

@djoshea try adding

calling_format = boto.s3.connection.OrdinaryCallingFormat

to a file ~/.boto (make it if you don’t have it already)

and yeah, that’s exactly the right boto issue =) here’s a little more info as well thunder-project/thunder#177
we do this automatically on EC2
though it has some of its own annoying consequences
Dan O'Shea
Jul 22 2015 21:19

Ha, nice. Thanks! that's exactly what i found crawling through the comments. i also need a

host =

which gets me past getting a 301 Moved permanently error. Now I'm seeing 403 Forbidden even though i have my AWS keys set in the bash profile. Anything special I need to do here?

Jeremy Freeman
Jul 22 2015 21:36
hm, try setting the credentials via tsc.setAWSCredentials?
Dan O'Shea
Jul 22 2015 23:43
ah, nope, I'm just an idiot. note to self, don't mix and match access keys and secret keys.