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Sep 2015
Sep 27 2015 23:12
@PhC-PhD @freeman-lab can you please confirm that data = tsc.loadExamples('fish-series') works. I have spent a week trying to load your examples and almost none of them work :worried:
Gilles Vanwalleghem
Sep 27 2015 23:48
Nevermind, it looks like for some reason you now have to explicitly define localhost in /etc/hosts file
Jeremy Freeman
Sep 27 2015 23:49
@Yassum hm that sounds weird, what version of spark are you using? any chance it's 1.5?
Jeremy Freeman
Sep 27 2015 23:56
@Yassum nevermind, i just confirmed that all appears to be normal in 1.5, the issue is this bit sc = SparkContext
that doesn't create a SparkContext, it just assigns the SparkContext class to the variable sc
how are you launching?
@AlexandreLaborde sorry for the troubles! i'm not 100% sure what's going on, but that example definitely works... i suspect these issues might be related to your setup. can you try calling
data = tsc.makeExample('ica')
that doesn't involve any data loading, but should ensure that things are more or less functioning correctly
there could be an issue with data loading, or system configuration, or something else
unfortunately custom deployments like yours are a little harder to configure and debug compared to either local usage or cloud usage (e.g. AWS)