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Oct 2015
Oct 03 2015 02:06 UTC
Hi everyone,
Oct 03 2015 02:12 UTC
I recently installed spark-1.5.1 and now the thunder-ec2 script is failing as it seems the new file calls for a number of arguments (instance_profile_name, instance_initiated_shutdown_behavior, and additional_tags are the first I've run into) which aren't parsed in thunder's file. I am not sure if this is something you are aware of or not, so I wanted to call it to your attention. I suppose a solution would be to go back to spark-1.4.1, however I'm going to see if I can find all the missing parts.
Oct 03 2015 10:02 UTC
@rmchurch that works! Just use "python clean bdist_egg" and I can get executable scripts. At least it works in a local machine. Thank you!