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Oct 2015
Philippe Castonguay
Oct 09 2015 17:01
@AlexandreLaborde I'm somehow pretty happy you found what was the issue. It was fun to follow for some reason!
Jeremy Freeman
Oct 09 2015 17:10
@ilknuricke not that i know of, but it'd be cool to think about!
Jeremy Freeman
Oct 09 2015 17:15
it might be well suited, depends on a bunch of factors, like the kinds of operations you want to do, the existing set analyses / tools you want to integrate with, the compute resources you have, and how large the data are
Matt Valley
Oct 09 2015 17:25
Hello again Thunder devs. I found a small inconsistency in the tutorials, which led me to a question that may be of general interest. To create an EC2 cluster we generally type: "thunder-ec2 -k mykey -i ~/mykey.pem -s <number-of-nodes> launch <cluster-name>". I noticed on the project page ( the "-k" and "-i" commands are flipped, which at least for me prevents calling the key-pair. So my question is; what do -k, -i, and -s mean, and in what reference can I find the other available commandline options for up my cluster? Thanks!
Jeremy Freeman
Oct 09 2015 17:31
gah! thanks for pointing this out, that's totally a bug on the zebrafish page
those options describe the key pair that you use to authenticate connections to your cluster
-k refers to the name of the key, and -i refers to the actual .pem identity file
when you create a key pair on AWS, you give it a name, and download the identity file
to see usage you can type thunder-ec2 --help