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Dec 2015
Asif Saif Uddin
Dec 22 2015 10:28
nothing in mind yet, but have to use it, at that time I will be able to tell specific use cases
Morgan Hough
Dec 22 2015 13:22
is anyone using thunder to process fmri data?
Davis Bennett
Dec 22 2015 19:19
@mhough as far as I know the bulk of thunder users are working with data from fluorescence microscopy, but I think it would be great it more fMRI people got on board... they've been doing the whole-brain thing much longer than us
John Pearson
Dec 22 2015 20:34
@mhough I think the bottleneck is that the fMRI crowd has invested a lot in a toolchain built to work on different types of clusters than Spark. We have been trying to port some of this functionality, but it's a challenge.