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Jan 2016
Robert Scott
Jan 08 2016 00:09
@kkcthans 0.51
Jan 08 2016 04:59
@RobertBScott Anyone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe SourceExtraction and SourceMethod actually aren't implemented until 0.6. If you build from the current source, that is 0.6 the dev edition. That is how I have used SourceExtraction and SourceMethod in Thunder
Jeremy Freeman
Jan 08 2016 05:14
@kkcthans @RobertBScott yup that's it! for now, you'll need to use what's in master, but i'm about to push what's in master as a 0.6.0 release to pypi, so in just a bit you'll be able to get it by installing with pip
i've been focused on what will be 1.0.0, detailed here thunder-project/thunder#243
but i also want to make sure the current version is pip installable
Jeremy Freeman
Jan 08 2016 06:47
@kkcthans @RobertBScott ok now a fresh pip install will give you version 0.6.0
i recommend doing a pip uninstall thunder-python first
also, note that from now on image registration / source extraction will leave in their own small separate package