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Jan 2016
KASAI Masatoshi
Jan 20 2016 07:03
I'm a new one and trying to apply thunder for my imaging data in my local MacBookPro. I've got a Py4JJavaError in exporting PNGs by using .saveAsPngs(). The original data was 2000 tif images (16bit, 320*320) and loaded by sc.loadImages('/original_tiffs/', inputFormat='tif'). After applying image registration like thunder tutorials, I wanted to export the corrected images as image by saveAsPngs('/corrected_tiffs/'). The I got a Py4JJavaError. When I reduced the number of images (for example 300 images), .saveAsPngs() worked. Anyone have any idea to avoid this kind of error? Or is there any workaround to export results into image files?