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Apr 2016
Apr 06 2016 16:56
For the cross-correlation image registration in Thunder, am I correct in seeing that it will only shift images/frames that have displacements greater than half the size of the image? What is the reasoning behind this? Is there a way to override this behavior to correct the displacement of every frame? I'm not sure why I wouldn't want to movement correct every frame if I'm trying to pull out sources correctly.
The code for this question comes from:
    #fix displacements that are greater than half the total size
    pairs = zip(inds, a.shape)
    # cast to basic python int for serialization
    adjusted = [int(d - n) if d > n // 2 else int(d) for (d, n) in pairs]
In Registration -
Apr 06 2016 17:02
@bradleyzhou Was it ever confirmed that you weren't able to load hdfs files? I was under the impression that you couldn't load images from HDFS locations, but you could load series. In the documentation Input Formats document, under series it says, "Both text and binary data can be loaded from a single file or multiple files, stored on a local file system, a networked file system, Amazon S3, or HDFS." (
I'd also be interested to know the answer to this question as well or why it wasn't able to be loaded. I will potentially be shifting my data to an institutional cluster running hadoop that would be very applicable for this question.