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Apr 2016
Jeremy Freeman
Apr 15 2016 02:52
@jwittenbach what are the restrictions on calling map on Blocks?
i'm taking blocks and applying a function via map that returns an array of arbitrary objects
and i'm getting this error NotImplementedError: map on ChunkedArray cannot drop dimensions
Jason Wittenbach
Apr 15 2016 03:03
Yeah, map on blocks is really restricted - - you aren't allowed to change the shape at all, otherwise it's very unclear how to unblock again later
But I can see how we're going to need a way around that to make extraction work
Jeremy Freeman
Apr 15 2016 03:04
yeah i mean what works is to just go tordd()
but that's slightly unappealing
cause what does it look like for local version
Apr 15 2016 17:21
@freeman-lab As a follow up to my above question regarding the cross-correlation registration, what is the reasoning behind only fixing displacements greater than half the total size of the image in thunder-registration Could this be made an option to attempt to register every frame? To me that seems that when running the cross correlation, you'll end up doing a lot of computations but not correcting the frames if there aren't huge movements in the image.
Apr 15 2016 18:42
@freeman-lab @d-v-b As per your question above, when you mentioned thunder-python and thunder-registration are published @ 1.0.0, is that on pip, or has the new revamped version of Thunder not be uploaded to pip yet? At least currently when I search thunder-python with pip it tells me the latest is still 0.6.0. I'd be happy to start playing around with the new parts in local and Spark modes.