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Jun 2016
Nikita Vladimirov
Jun 03 2016 01:33 UTC
I am trying to change all delta values in model.transformations to some numbers, say (15,1), so all planes in transformed data will be shifted in x,y by 15 and 1, respectively. What's the method to do this, model.transformations.update(...)? Sorry, the dictionary structure is so confusing..
Boaz Mohar
Jun 03 2016 19:28 UTC
@nvladimus If you are loading multi-page tiffs there is a difference in Thunder 1.0, They are not transposed by default.
Here is my new loading code:
 data = td.images.fromtif(self.path, nplanes=self.nPlanes, engine=sc, npartitions=self.nPartitions)
data = x: x.transpose(1, 2, 0))
Nikita Vladimirov
Jun 03 2016 19:32 UTC
ok, nice conversion, thanks. I just manually changed the dimensions, but this code is more elegant.
Davis Bennett
Jun 03 2016 21:17 UTC
@freeman-lab in thunder-registration, how does the reference volume get distributed to the executors in spark mode?
is it a simple broadcast?