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Oct 2016
Oct 28 2016 21:04
I had a question regarding saving images with .totif(). My original images are 16-bit when loaded in. I noticed that .totif() saves the images as 8-bit images. However, the problem I noticed is that if I load my 16-bit images, do some filtering and registration, then apply the registration model to the original images and save the output, the background has fluctuations that weren't there in the original images. I'm guessing this is from some sort of scaling that .totif is doing in converting the 16-bit to 8-bit integers, probably by taking the largest pixel intensity and setting it to the largest 8-bit value, which changes frame to frame and causes the background fluctuations. Is there a way to change this behavior of .totif(), to either save as a 16-bit image or force the scaling to behave in a more appropriate way (always take the full scale 16-bit and convert it to full scale 8-bit, etc...)?