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Feb 2017
Merve Narinses
Feb 03 2017 15:15
Hello you all :) I want to use Thunder on private cluster. But first I should get a running spark on cluster... Does it differ for SLURM on the cluster when I install Spark?
By the way I've never installed something on the clusters before :( So I'm very very new to it. I hope somebody help me with spark on slurm cluster.
Jason Wittenbach
Feb 03 2017 15:24
I don’t have experience with SLURM, but I can say that getting Spark up and running can be rather tricky. Looks there there are some packages out there that might already do a good chunk of the work for you though — e.g.
Merve Narinses
Feb 03 2017 15:28
Thank you. I'll check @jwittenbach