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@AdrianLxM unfortunately I'm almost always running offline as I can't guarantee good internet. Using the html webpage, hotbutton and juicessh are usually enough but a pretty graph would be nice.
rachel nolan
I am looking into happ.....not very techy at all. I am using freestyle libre, ambrosia nightrider and xdrip+ with android uploader phone and a pump. Can it be done with these things?thanks
@princessesmam_twitter can't tell for HAPP - but if you're looking for open (or even closed) loop, AndroidAPS might be worth looking into
that does work with the items listed above (uses xDrip+ as BG source localy on one phone)
rachel nolan
Thanks so much Savek.
@princessesmam_twitter HAPP uses xDrip or xDrip+ as CGM data source, so any system they support is supported by HAPP
Jonathan Morris
Just installed HAPP in hopes of using it in open loop. How come it says error running APS?
Jonathan Morris
It says user preferences unset but I'm pretty sure I see everything
hey @JonathanM32 , yes sorry that error does lack useful info!!
can you copy and paste here the out put of menu > debug info
APS Settings > Cab Absorption Rate - is a common missed setting
Jonathan Morris

HAPP Version:
Code: 48 Name:1.5

carbAbsorptionRate: 0.0
dia: 3.0
current_basal: 0.6
cgm_source: xdrip
max_bg: 150.0 mgdl
min_bg: 70.0 mgdl
target_bg: 100.0 mgdl
bg_units: mgdl
isf: 40.0 mgdl
carbRatio: 12
pump_name: tslim
aps_mode: open
temp_basal_notify: true
send_bolus_allowed: false
aps_loop: 15
aps_algorithm: openaps_oref0_master

name: tslim
basal_mode: hourly basal rate plus TBR percentage
min_low_basal_duration: 30
min_high_basal_duration: 30
current_basal_rate: 0.6
high_temp_extended_bolus: false
TBR_active: false
TBR_rate: null
TBR_percent: 100
TBR_duration: null
TBR_duration_left: null

APS Result:
APS code has never been ran

Stats Result:
timestamp: 09 Feb 11:57
bolus_iob: 0.0
iob: 0.0
cob: 0.0
basal: 0.75
temp_basal: 0.0

Safety Result:
user_max_bolus: 12.0
hardcoded_Max_Bolus: 15
user_max_basal: 1.75
max_daily_basal: 0.75
current_max_basal: 1.75
user_max_iob: 10.0

Last BG Readings:
date: 09 Feb 11:56 sgv:158.0
date: 09 Feb 11:51 sgv:162.0
date: 09 Feb 11:46 sgv:165.0
date: 09 Feb 11:41 sgv:165.0
date: 09 Feb 11:36 sgv:163.0

What should I set the carb absorption rate to?
Jon Cluck
35 is the going rate :)
Jonathan Morris
@cluckj wdym?
Jon Cluck
35g per hour
@JonathanM32 please add a value for carbAbsorptionRate: - many use 35 as suggested, i use 20
Jonathan Morris
What does it depend on? I'm 15 so would a lower/higher rate be better?
to be honest, as with most its a guessing game, I always started with 20, and it works for me :)
HAPP uses this value for COB calculations
Antonio Muñoz
Good afternoon from Spain, I just installes HAPP, and I am trying to set the settings. Could someone of you help me to start
High value 180 mg/dl. Low 70. Target 100.
CGM Source nsclient. APS open. Aps Algorithm Open APS oref0. ¿Master?.
Limits Max Basal U/hr a Temp Basal can be set to 1,5 to start with?
Max Basal IOB. 2 to start with?
Maximum amount of non-bolus IOB Open Aps can deliver. I don’t know?
Amount of Carbs digeted por hours (grams). I don’t know?
Profiles: Sensivity y Ratios, those I know very well
Pump settings Max bolus “see the value in the pump”
Antonio Muñoz
Notification > APS Notifications
Temp Basal Notification > Suggested Temp Basal have to be confirm by the user “ON”
Summary Notifications > Summary Notification > Show symmary card with active Basal “ON”
Debug Notification > Show summary card when APS is ran with details. “I don’t know”
Xdrip > update Watch Face “OFF”
Integrate with nightscout “ON”
Upload treatments > Bolus, Temp Basal and Carbs “ON”
Insulin treatment Integration
Send Bolud > App must be compiled with BOLUS_ALLOWED=TRUE for this to be supported “ON”
Send Temp Basal “ON”
Insulin treatments App “is installed”
Error:android-apt plugin is incompatible with the Android Gradle plugin. Please use 'annotationProcessor' configuration instead.
hello ,how to deal with this issue when I build the HAPP apks
I use the latest version Android Studio
@anmuga46 you need to decide what values work best for you, the wiki gives a little more detail: https://github.com/timomer/HAPP/wiki
if you get stuck on a setting, let us know what one
@birdfly sorry I am not sure why android studio is giving that error, you will need to troubleshoot android studio
Antonio Muñoz
I already put some values and I will check in wiki the rest, I will carry on with the app, thank you for your help for moment.
no problem @anmuga46, for whatever reason gitter never notifies me of new messages, so i may not reply right away
@timomer I posted some info related to Temp Basal Percent calculation of basal * temp amount incorrect #11 Hopefully that will answer the outstanding question you had about setting higher temp basal on Omnipod.
Is there a way to get treatment info added manually to HAPP into Nightscout automagically? Running xdrip+, HAPP, Nightscout open loop with Omnipod. Currently entering carbs/insulin in Omnipod PDM and HAPP. Can manually get the info from PDM to Nightscout but multi-step manual process. Trying to get reporting happening easier (for me) in one place to keep Endo happy.
hey @martincohn , thanks for the comment in #11. HAPP can send treatments to Nightscout, see NSClient integration https://github.com/timomer/HAPP/wiki/System-Integrations#nightscout-via-nsclient
Having issue with all HAPP treatments showing with invalid date in Nightscout reports. Have HAPP, xDrip+, NSClient, Nightscout on Heroku all running. Enter all treatments in HAPP. Insulin and carb treatments show up in Nightscout web page just fine. BUT no treatments showing in Nightscout reports. E.G. in treatment report all of the data from HAPP has the actual data listed (insulin/carbs/temp basal), but with an invalid date. Time = Invalid Date and Entered By = HAPP_App. I'm kind of stuck...
hi @martincohn can you check the dates by going to the following url <your nightscout site>/api/v1/status.json and see if the time is correct next to your treatments?
that url shows you the raw data of your uploaded data
@timomer checked it out once I found a json viewer online... Looks to be all the config info on my Nightscout site, didn't see any treatments listed?
hey @martincohn NSClient app report any issue? Maybe a silly question... but is the date and time correct on your phone?
@martincohn, sorry I gave you the wrong URL, should be <NS slite>/api/v1/treatments.json
No date/time issues. NS page shows all treatments, but some of the reports are dropping info. Not going to spend any more time on it now. But let me know if you want more details/info...
Hi. I'm using nightscout + xdrip + HAPP. Nighscout and xdrip are receiving active insulin, basals and bolus, but HAPP doesn´t (it doesn´t show iob) , so the recomendations on TBR aren't accurate. How can I solve this?
Hi @GumGlucemias , HAPP is not in active development anymore. Sync with Nightscout was only one way HAPP > Nightscout. This was to cover needs at the time and remove any risk of a remote system interfering with HAPP. HAPP+ would have a more serficataked sync system - but I have not been able to pick up that project for some time and have no ETA im afraid
@GumGlucemias In the meantime, if you're looking for a Nightscout-based OpenLoop, you could look at AndroidAPS Wiki Gitter
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