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    Hello @holajuanfe , thank you for the answer. I have tried to follow your example, however I get no output from the function. I define the variable IMSI as a String, is this correct? In the serial monitor I only get the line "IMSI: " as printed, but nothing else. If I send the at command at+cimi directly in the serial monitor I get a response. Also, as I understand "at+cimi" returns a single number (a long number but still just a number). What I am looking for is to interpret part of a response, eg. the first number returned by the at+csq command. Would this be possible with your example, and if so how?
    Hello, please disregard my last post. I have found a solution by looking through the library file 'TinyGsmModem.tpp'. Here I found a function to get the signal quality called 'getSignalQuality()'. Very easy. Now I want to do something similar but for the POST command (at+httpaction=1) to verify the response I get from the server after posting to it. If the server correctly recieves my post, it returns: '1,204,0'. I would like to get the second response number (204) and use this to verify that the post was received OK before putting the microcontroller (ESP32) to sleep. I have not been able to find a function which waits for a response after sending a at command, neither in the TinyGsm library or by googleing.
    H. Edmundo Ramírez
    Hello everybody! Is it possible to obtain location coordinates using the TTGO ESP32+SIM800L board?

    Hello everybody! Is it possible to obtain location coordinates using the TTGO ESP32+SIM800L board?

    I dont see why not? It has GPRS module. Check https://circuitdigest.com/microcontroller-projects/diy-location-tracker-using-gsm-sim800-and-arduino

    1 reply
    André Fiedler
    Hi, I'm having an issue with the WebClient. Maybe someone here has an idea what I'm doing wrong? vshymanskyy/TinyGSM#519
    Is there still anyone from this community left that is working on this library and answering community questions?
    So unfortunate this chat is dead :(
    Need help in implementing mqtt with arduino and sim800... Trying to publish to adafruit io... Would be grateful if anyone could help
    Hi can anyone help me with this one pls? I have a ESP TTGO T-CALL I use TinyGSM library and I use this command to call target "modem.callNumber(CALL_TARGET);" and everything works fine But what I want is to know how to recall again automatically if the Target did not response, and if declined the call will not call again just complete the program in other word I want to know which command to use so I can know what the target did? "declined the call, respond, no action". Thank you so much!
    Daniel Hammerschmidt
    Hello, someone knows how fix the coordinates accuracy on SIM800L?
    I've added following features
    • UC20 modem
    • Very faster HTTP request with improve HttpClient class
    • Concatenated SMS (Up to 1500 character)
    • Unicode PDU SMS
      how can I push changes?
    Daniel Hammerschmidt

    Need help in implementing mqtt with arduino and sim800... Trying to publish to adafruit io... Would be grateful if anyone could help

    Do you need help yet?

    My work requires to HTTPS POST JSON data to aws server using Arduino nano, SIM 800.. is there any help code for achieving my purpose
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    @vshymanskyy sir my tinygsm httpsecure client example not working. i also uploaded ssl certificate but again its not working

    here is serialMonitor:

    09:32:31.503 -> Initializing modem...
    09:32:36.631 -> Modem: SIM800 R14.18
    09:32:36.631 -> Waiting for network... OK
    09:32:43.760 -> Connecting to www OK
    09:33:01.370 -> Performing HTTPS GET request... failed to connect
    09:33:35.229 -> Waiting for network... OK
    09:33:35.229 -> Connecting to www OK
    09:35:43.714 -> Performing HTTPS GET request... failed to connect
    SIM868 dual sim command . I tried with SIM800C-DS Commands like AT+CDSDS? but they reply unknown.
    is it possible to use your library without using Arduino itself, but using Espressif ?

    is it possible to use your library without using Arduino itself, but using Espressif ?

    esp-idf I mean

    i have problem with A6/AI module the problem is it can't connect to server (MQTT server )
    15:47:54.692 -> 1,IP INITIAL
    15:47:54.692 -> 2,IP INITIAL
    15:47:54.739 -> 3,IP INITIAL
    15:47:54.739 -> 4,IP INITIAL
    15:47:54.739 -> 5,IP INITIAL
    15:47:54.786 -> 6,IP INITIAL
    15:47:54.786 -> 7,IP INITIAL
    15:47:54.834 ->
    15:47:54.834 ->
    15:47:54.834 -> OK
    15:47:56.734 ->
    15:47:56.734 ->
    15:47:56.734 -> +CME ERROR:Excute command failure
    15:47:56.767 ->
    15:47:57.739 ->
    15:47:57.739 -> +CIPNUM:0
    15:47:57.739 ->
    15:47:57.739 -> CONNECT OK
    15:47:57.739 ->
    15:47:57.786 -> OK
    15:47:57.929 ->
    15:47:57.929 -> >
    15:48:18.044 -> COMMAND NO RESPONSE!
    15:48:23.049 ->
    15:48:23.049 -> OK
    15:48:23.226 ->
    15:48:23.226 -> +CREG: 1,1
    15:46:22.591 -> Connecting to sadeem.eastus.cloudapp.azure.com[1913409] ### Unhandled: +CIPSTATUS:0,IP CLOSE
    15:46:23.662 -> 1,IP INITIAL
    15:46:23.662 -> 2,IP INITIAL
    15:46:23.662 -> 3,IP INITIAL
    15:46:23.710 -> 4,IP INITIAL
    15:46:23.710 -> 5,IP INITIAL
    15:46:23.710 -> 6,IP INITIAL
    15:46:23.756 -> 7,IP INITIAL
    15:46:23.756 ->
    15:46:23.756 ->
    15:46:23.756 -> OK
    15:46:46.043 -> [1935857] ### Unhandled: COMMAND NO RESPON
    15:46:46.137 -> [1935957] ### Unhandled: SE!
    15:46:50.999 -> status0
    15:46:51.046 -> fail
    15:46:52.238 -> [1942050] ### Unhandled: +CIPSTATUS:0,IP CLOSE
    15:46:52.285 -> 1,IP INITIAL
    15:46:52.285 -> 2,IP INITIAL
    15:46:52.335 -> 3,IP INITIAL
    15:46:52.335 -> 4,IP INITIAL
    15:46:52.335 -> 5,IP INITIAL
    15:46:52.380 -> 6,IP INITIAL
    15:46:52.380 -> 7,IP INITIAL
    16:59:28.573 -> AT+CIPCLOSE=0
    16:59:28.619 ->
    16:59:28.619 -> +CME ERROR:50
    16:59:28.746 -> AT+CIPSTART="TCP","sadeem.eastus.cloudapp.azure.com",1883
    16:59:31.801 ->
    16:59:31.801 -> +CIPNUM:0
    16:59:31.849 ->
    16:59:31.849 -> CONNECT OK
    16:59:31.849 ->
    16:59:31.849 -> OK
    16:59:32.038 -> AT+CIPSEND=0,21
    16:59:32.038 ->
    16:59:32.038 -> > 
    16:59:32.038 -> > 
    16:59:57.115 -> AT+CIPCLOSE=0
    16:59:57.162 ->
    16:59:57.162 -> OK
    16:59:57.303 -> AT+CREG?
    16:59:57.350 ->
    16:59:57.350 -> +CREG: 1,1
    16:59:57.350 ->
    16:59:57.350 -> OK
    16:59:57.444 -> AT+CIPSTATUS
    Hello! Great library and I’ve been using it pretty successfully. I started to use it with the Lilygo ESP32 board with the SIM7000G.
    I added a few issues to GitHub today. One related to the Arduino Library Manager that caught me off guard. There seems to be a versioning issue.
    The other is using the SIM7080G. I’m trying to find the best way to debug deeper what might be going on.
    Hello, can anyone help me in this problem l use a6/ai gsm to send data to broker mqtt but when gsm open session with server the session close immediately i don't know why
    Kasper Johannes Hopen Alfarnes

    Hello everybody! Is it possible to obtain location coordinates using the TTGO ESP32+SIM800L board?

    @edmundormz Did you get GSM location working with TinyGSM?

    I've spent a couple of hours trying to get this working now, but no luck yet. I Found vshymanskyy/TinyGSM#378 with almost the same problem, but it's not even working without SSL for me.

    This is what I've tried so far:
    • Factory reset example
    • allFunctions example
    • made sure that sim module can connect to network

    My setup:
    • ESP32

    • LilyGo Tcall Esp32 + SIM800L

    This is the github library for the LilyGo module

    @krupis I saw you responding to this earlier. Do you have any ideas? I can provide AT debug logs aslo

    Kasper Johannes Hopen Alfarnes
    @vshymanskyy :)
    Kasper Johannes Hopen Alfarnes
    posted my issue on Arduino exchange also
    Tony Peng

    Hi guys. Have a quick question about the GPRS command. I'm currently on a plan that charges me for each byte I use, but I'm only planning to use SIM800 as a SMS forwarder. So is detaching from GRPS enough to avoid any data traffic?

    The command to detach from GPRS is +CGATT=0

    Marcos Donalisio
    Hi how are you? i have a problem with tinygsm... i am connected to mqtt broker but in a few times the connection was broken... from server
    i am using Esp32
    I am getting this error on my LILYGO T-SIM7000G:rst:0x3 (SW_RESET),boot:0x13 (SPI_FAST_FLASH_BOOT)
    configsip: 0, SPIWP:0xee
    mode:DIO, clock div:1
    ho 0 tail 12 room 4
    entry 0x400806b4
    ets Jun 8 2016 00:22:57
    Does anyone have any troubleshooting tips?
    Also has anyone used this board before?

    jhox616 (jhox616): did you get this working? I’ve got an app working well on the Lilygo SIM7000G.

    I have not been able to get TinyGSM working with the Lilygo SIM7080G. :-(

    Hello, everyone!
    I use the library on the LilyGo-T-Call-SIM800 to send NMEA messages from Uart (Serial2) over GPRS.
    how to function "Client.print" to transmit data faster?
    Robin Rosiers
    Would it be possible to use the tinygsm library for support of USB 4G dongles?
    Robin Rosiers
    Uisng the demo code and a Ai Thinker Co.LTD A6, nothing works... (mqtt for example doesn't work)
    Robin Rosiers
    Seems like the SIM900 module doesn't work with the tinygsm library.....
    Is it possible to have two different modems in one project?
    Robin Rosiers
    Prince Pereira
    Hi, how would I begin setting up an esp32 using quectel BG96 to establish mqtt connection? Went through the source code and example files, but dont really see any concrete examples for this situation
    Arihant Jain
    How do setup cetificate with Tiny GSM for TLs