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ok so how to ad a plugin i windows

@somhrsh you can type β€œinstall” then the name of the package. The plugins are listed here if you need more details:


when i was looking for the following features to search my local folder and files quickly and highlight the text with easy navigation...example
Google like search bar
Integrate Apache Lucene or any other indexing third party library to index folders/files
Option to add local folders/files to index
When user types in the search bar - number of hits should be displayed with highlighted text
Easy and quick navigation with the results
Function Keys supports for quick navigation with results
someone suggested http://zazuapp.org/
can anyone let me know whether this is possible via zazuapp ??
please kindly help me with your comments to use it
Tyler Mills
Hey - thought I'd give Zazu a try. I just installed it on Ubuntu 17.10, however, when I search for installed apps, I do not see any. I do see some absolute file paths however.
hi there ! I was wondering if it is possible to launch a multiple url search. For instance, let's say I type "video" and my query and it directly opens a few urls (like youtube and dailymotion for instance) with the query as keyword
Tomer Ben David
Is there a "bash" plugin?
Notice that Zazu is slow on Mac. It cannot catch up with the typing with about less than a second lag.
Compared with alfred3 and spotlight. They don't have the lags. So it's (luckily) not my computer's problem.
Merlin Gaillard
Hi, I am looking for a way to ask for password in zazu - is is possible to obfuscate the input field characters?
Adam Faur
@achillesliu I have been working on a fix for this and is currently being worked on in tinytacoteam/zazu#320
@mirdhyn I don't think this is currently possible. Could you give me some more information on what your trying to create? I know at one time we had started talking about how to store encrypted values here (tinytacoteam/zazu#37).
Hi there, loving Zazu so far!

Need a little help with Zazu plugins - they aren't working for me.

App Environment: production
App Version: 0.5.2
Electron Version: 1.3.14
Node Version: 6.5.0
Chrome Version: 52.0.2743.82

As you can see at https://imgur.com/XYCnu9M, the plugin logs show that the plugin is activating, and it's generating the correct output, but Zazu itself doesn't show the output.
I'm on Windows 10.
@afaur any help would be greatly appreciated.
Which is the BEST Open Source IDE for angular and NODE js web application development ???
Adam Faur
@nonbeing The results may be at the bottom of the window. The file finder may be showing results at a higher priority? Could also see what disabling the file finder does.
@jkathir Seems like a pretty loaded question (https://www.reddit.com/r/node/comments/5hl2qv/what_ideeditor_are_you_using_for_nodejs/) I have used atom, visual studio code, and VIM. They all have some merit, but typically I switch between visual studio code and vim so that I can be comfortable pairing with others who like one or the other better.
Nathaniel Harari
Is this a dead app? I just installed it but I see the last commit was 10 months ago and not exactly a lot of activity any longer. :/
Reeshabh Kumar Ranjan
Hello! This repository asks me to do npm install and npm run build. However, I installed zazu using .deb file. Then how to rebuild zazu?
Caleb Meyer
Looks dead, unfortunately. :/ It's really really close to being excellent, but with no recent development, and bugs all over, I don't think it can get over the hump
lin onetwo
No, I'm pushing an update
Just waiting for review and merge.
lin onetwo
Zazu 0.6.0 is out

@reeshabhkumarranjan To install theme and plugin, just add them to the config, no need to rebuild.
Zack Batist
hi, new user here and i'm very impressed by this app. ive been looking for an open source alternative to alfred, and quicksilver is way too complex for my needs so this is the one, i think
however im wondering whether its possible to set the hotkey as command+command, or any other set of modifier keys
Hey there! Can someone help me with the snippets plugin? I can see the folder , but I can't seem to create any snippets. I have the thing I want to snip in my clipboard, I go snipc snippet-name but nothing gets created!
Also is there a feature similar to Alfred's cmd + L to make large text?
@zackbatist I think you can change the hot key in the configuration file. See at the top of this link: http://zazuapp.org/documentation/configuration/ - updating the JSON to be "hotkey": "cmd+cmd" should work - but I am a new user too :-)
Zack Batist
@Layla-P nope, double modifiers doesnt seem to be supported. in any case, i switched back to alfred because constantly running an electron app in the background is gobbling up all my resources, and in general zazu is still too buggy for my taste
Dumitru Postoronca

Hi all!

I played with Zazu for a bit and noticed the file finder plugin is very resource intensive. If you just type something like find a it would create a very big response, listing all files that have this letter. The plugin should limit the number of results it returns, otherwise it would use up all the available memory. This might be a reason for some people's bad experience with Zazu. I personally disabled this plugin.

Dumitru Postoronca

And another thing, before I forget.

Is there any way to support choosing one of the output blocks for an item?
For example, imagine a plugin listing all open ports on your machine. The user could choose to kill the process using that port or choose to open a browser towards that port. The actions could be taken by two different output blocks, but there is no UI to choose them from.

Hi guys, does portable mode work?
I created dir Zaza with Zazu.Setup.0.6.0.exe file in it. After I created empty dir portable in Zaza and run Zazu.Setup.0.6.0.exe. Dir .zaza is still created in home\user
Nick Tchayka
Hey all! Does anyone know if it is possible to write plugins using TypeScript? I guess that yes, but how does Zazu handle precompilation?
Rein Van Imschoot
hey guys! Is it possible to remove the icons from the list of search results?
to make it more minimalistic
Jaekyeom Kim
It looks like the github repo for zazu is archived. Is the development of zazu stopped, or am I missing the context?
Aristotelis Dossas
Hey! I just published a bible plugin. But I can't add it via pull request in the list. Is this still active? @linonetwo
how do i install themes