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Juan A. Rubio
Hola @andreottica_twitter : Sorry for the late reply, could you please open a GitHub issue?. It will be easier to support you there.
Hi @CDBridger : could you also please create a GitHub issue?. I've never run Tizonia on Ubuntu Core, so it might looking at it in detail. Thanks!
hey! i've been setting up an environment where tizonia runs as a headless shoutcast server. i have an issue dificult to explain, so bear with me. for some reason every client that connects, gets the stream forwarded for minutes, it's like tizonias seconds run faster than actual timing. does this make any sense?
Solomon Choina
@CDBridger do you have pipewire or similar
it can get weird
Trying to run tizonia from cron. Also made a helper script to call tizonia. Neither work (ever) but both work just great from command line. Any ideas how to get it to run from cron? Or, what is preventing it from running from cron?
Sorry ... running MINT 19.3 but also tried on Raspberry Pi. Same issue ... won't run from cron.
Solomon Choina
@juanrubio an updates on pandora?
Still trying to run tizonia from cron. I have managed to get some debug information from CRON but don't know what to do about it. Seems like tizonia daemon wants to run under dbus and is looking for an X11 display. Any ideas how to resolve this?
What I get is:
Failed to open connection to "session" message bus: Unable to autolaunch a dbus-daemon without a $DISPLAY for X11
D-Bus per-session daemon address is: unix:abstract=/tmp/dbus-2OhigrH9fG,guid=1635da38674fc782190a5fc35fd3b6e9
D-Bus per-session daemon PID is : 4097
hi everyone, really struggling with the Docker container on Mac OS (latest). I installed pulseaudio via brew, that's running smoothly. No matter how I execute the Docker image, it always exits immediately.
e.g. docker run --rm --name tizonia-music -d tizonia/docker-tizonia
can someone assist? thanks :)
Rafiki Cai

Greetings to ALL. Trust that everyone is staying healthy, well rested and safe.

I'm a command line noob. (Don't judge me. :)) I've managed to get Tizonia installed but now I'm stalled.

What I want to accomplish is to have Tz pull a playlist of all the unique songs it can pull on R&B group The Spinners. Can I do that 'without' having to provide Tz my YouTube login and password?

Once I've pulled a list of The Spinners, can I:
a) get a URL to each song in the list?
b) see which songs I've already listened to in the list?

Thanks, in advance, for any helping hand.

Okay so thoughts
I started using Tizonia to listen to iHeart radio
I noticed it doesn't grab metadata
So like any sensible person, I wrote a program to do it myself
The problem I'm having is that it seems like every single station uses a different server to grab metadata, unless it uses api.iheart.com.
How does Tizonia know what servers to grab music from?
Am I going to have to index every single metadata server by hand per station?

Hi !

Tizonia - Attention: All Bintray services will be deprecated and your accounts will be disabled on May 1st 2021. Learn More.

Tizonia not more updates in Bintray, some suggestion?
I use Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS
I'm trying to find a way to create friendly names for playlists I have in youtube music so that instead of using tizonia --youtube-audio-playlist 'PLasdkjfhkajsdfhkdsajfh I can use tizonia --youtube-audio-playlist friendlyNameHere
I actually opted to create aliases in my .bashrc that just call my playlist by doing something like alias tizchill='tizonia --youtube-audio-playlist 'PLlaksdjfdsaYUYYHkjhKHUYH' and then just call tizchill where chill is the actual name of my youtube playlist
Chris Hatzis
Hello all
is this is the right channel to ask for help to fix tizonia on my system?
Chris Hatzis
Hello again ... I am using Arch linux and tizonia stopped working after some updates....now everytime that I run tizonia I get the error tizonia: error while loading shared libraries: libboost_python38.so.1.72.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.... Could you please help me on this ?
Hi... running tizonia 0.20 on a raspberrry (raspbian) and it suddenly stopped working. The thing is so reliable that I don't even remember where to start to debug it. Config seems fine. Spotify on the mobile phone works. Tizonia loads the playlist and stops at "[Spotify] [cache]: /var/tmp/tizonia-pi-spotify..."
updated RPi and tizonia to 0.22 and issue remains. can anyone share the trick to enable verbose log on tizonia?
Hola grupo, una alegría estar aquí y compartir mi aprecio por esta plataforma y mis inconvenientes tambien.
En esta oportunidad e un pedido a los desarrolladores de Tizonia a mantener el soporte i386.
El mundo es muy desigual y tanto en Latinoamerica, como en África, la pobreza nos impide tener equipos nuevos.
Nuestros equipos son viejos y resiclados, por eso miles y miles de usuarios seguimos necesitando del soporte efectivo i386.
En Snap, existe una versión i386 pero no funciona, apt retiro el paquete y Github también.
Bueno desde ya muchas gracias y un gran abrazo y respeto al esfuerzo de quienes desarrollan el software libre sin el cual millones no podriamos tener acceso a herramientas de informática dignas.
Chris Hatzis
hello all! is this lobby only for general discussion or could I ask for support?
@hajah did you ever get any help with this? I'm running 0.22 on MINT 20.1 and after kernel update today Spotify no longer works. It finds the playlists OK but there is no sound, but no errors either. Youtube and iHeart work so it's not an audio problem but seems more like something with the Spotify module.
2 replies
Solomon Choina
@juanrubio you, i guess need to remove google play music support?
Kim Schulz
hi, Is the project dead? seems like no changes have been made even though Google Music has been shut down for some time...same for bintray that got shut down a long time ago = no way to install on debian/ubuntu based system except via the extremely bulky snap image
Juan A. Rubio
@kimusan Hi Kim, the project is not dead!. I'm taking a bit of a sabbatical, that's all. I'm planning to come back to it.
@SolarAquarion , yes! the google play music support needs to be cleaned up, when I'm back, that will be one of the first things that will get done.
@all regarding the Debian packages, I'm still looking for a viable alternative to Bintray. Do people know of any other service that would be a good candidate to move Tizonia's debs to it? I'm open to suggestions.
Any suggestions on how to setup a new RPi right now? with the debian packages down, I've tried snap, but that also complains about missing objects (ld.so.preload....) and doesn't work
Hi is the project still allowing code contributions? I got a good handle on c and python so i think i might be able to contribute here
tizonia not playing youtube-audio-mix-search. It finds multiple Audio mixes but never starts playing. What am I missing please.
Konnecta TI Tecnologia

Hi there.
I have a issue here, when try use tizonia with Youtube.
I am using it from snap under Kubuntu 21.10 (Impish).
Everytime I try it get this error:
tizonia --youtube-audio-stream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDcmzxAxzEI
tizonia 0.22.0. Copyright (C) 2020 Juan A. Rubio and contributors
This software is part of the Tizonia project https://tizonia.org

[Youtube] [Connecting] : 'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDcmzxAxzEI'.
[YouTube] [Audio stream] : 'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDcmzxAxzEI'.
[YouTube] (KeyError) : 'dislike_count'

tizonia exiting (OMX_ErrorInsufficientResources).


Anybody else?

Konnecta TI Tecnologia
I have tried with YOUTUBE api key but no luck.
tizonia broke on my install so i uninstalled it and now i can rebuild it
using arch linux
anyone els having an issue on arch
Jason Marshall Thomas
I'm working on streaming a rpi camera 24/7 to Youtube. I was wondering if anyone had ever used Tizonia (or another solution) to inject/pipe royalty-free spotify premium streams into an avconv/ffmpeg stream? I could use an external device into a mic input, but I'd rather just have it all self-contained in the pi. Thoughts?
can anyone confirm this project is dead?
Spotify hasn't been working with tizonia for the last 2 days... Unable to login...
Connection error: 409
alright libspotify is dead, which explains all of the above :-(
Yes its dead need fix error
Heey I have the following problem when I try to install tizonia.
Unable to locate package tizonia-all
What source am i missing, where can I get it from?