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Dec 2015
Gibran Malheiros
Dec 01 2015 12:29
no @quidmonkey, but there's a discussion for it: tj/n#204
Abe Walters
Dec 01 2015 15:11
okay, thanks
Wilson López Romero
Dec 01 2015 15:38
Hey what's up ! I'm trying to use N on Raspberry pi, but when I change between versions I can't do a node -v... It says "-bash: /usr/bin/node: No existe el fichero o el directorio" (File or directory doesn't exist)... How can I solve this ?
@guillaum3f Could you solve your problem? I have the same one.
Dec 01 2015 17:32
guys one question.. I love using n to update and so much.. but Im having a problem with Atom.. I tried to run inside atom and it gives "unable to run: node" I tried "whereis node" to add to path or something but I cant make it work..
does anyone had this problem?
Wilson López Romero
Dec 01 2015 19:16
@xhip I’d like to help you dude, but I don’t use Atom… Sorry.
Dec 01 2015 19:50
no problem @WilsonLopezRomero