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Repo info
    Tommi S.E. Laukkanen
    Hi, gitter looks quite promising tool :).
    Jinyong Fu
    Hi, tommic, as you claimed that zigbee4java is a fork of zigbee4osgi with modifications for supporting java instead of osgi. Are there any other differences? For instance, I wonder if the set of zigbee standards supported by these two projects are the same or not?
    Tommi S.E. Laukkanen
    Hi, zigbee4java has evolved somewhat since forking but both support same ZigBee HA profile. zigbee4osgi may also have evolved so it hard to state exact differences.
    Tommi S.E. Laukkanen
    It seems we could improve discovery speed by broadcasting IEEE address request followed by simple description request. Battery operated devices could queried immediately after receiving a message from unidentified device.
    Hi Tommi. Looks like a great library! Do you think it would be a lot of work to make it run on Java 1.6?
    Tommi S.E. Laukkanen
    I don't think there is that many advanced language versions in use so forking, changing poms and fixing few compile errors should probably do it
    Száray Bálint
    Hi, is there any chance that the project jars are removed from maven?
    Milan Samardžić
    any idea about issue:
    "java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: No implementation found for long jssc.SerialNativeInterface.openPort(java.lang.String, boolean) (tried Java_jssc_SerialNativeInterface_openPort and Java_jssc_SerialNativeInterface_openPort__Ljava_lang_String_2Z)"
    Hi Friends
    I just looked into the library and finding a reference document which can have better explaination regarding how to start with base setup in android for Zigbee communication with zigbee gateway