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Repo info
    Pyry Kovanen
    ah, nevermind import com.vividsolutions.jts.geom._was missing
    Kentaro Kuwata
    I would like to create a PostGIS table including Polygon geometry.
    Is it possible to define class of table like the following codes?
    My IDE (IntelliJ) have given error at <> and Geodummy.unapply
    import MyPostgresDriver.api._
    case class Geodummy(dummy_id: Int, geom: Polygon)
    class Geodummys(tag: Tag) extends Table[Geodummy](tag, "geodummy"){
      def dummy_id = column[Int]("dummy_id")
      def geom = column[Polygon]("geom")
      def * = (dummy_id, geom) <> (Geodummy.tupled, Geodummy.unapply)
    hey everyone, just a noob question, I need the jsonb features of postgres
    i'm confused has how to use the pgjson type
    i have a case class defining the table entity
    but what does the type of the json value need to be?
    case class MetadataEntity(id: Int, metadata: String, asset_id: String)
    metadata is supposed to be jsonb
    Idrees Khan
    @graffam I'm not sure I understand your question correctly, but I am using JsValue from play-json
    for jsonb. There are other possibilities listed here https://github.com/tminglei/slick-pg#configurable-typemappers
    I guess i'm having a hard time just using pure json strings
    trait CustomPostgresDriver extends PostgresProfile {
      def pgjson = "jsonb"
      override val api = CustomAPI
      object CustomAPI extends API 
    object CustomPostgresDriver extends CustomPostgresDriver
    I don't want to use a heavy json library since i'm not sure the remote client will have it, so i just want a string
    Dmitry Smirnov
    Hi everybody, I have a question about java.time.LocalDateTime support, when I compose my postgres profile with PgDate2Support I can't work with the LocalDateTime, even if I write a custom mapper, but if I wrap it into my custom class it works.
      case class MyType(value: LocalDateTime)
      class TestTableWithOptMyType(tag: Tag)
        extends Table[Option[MyType]](tag, "TestTableOptMyType") {
        def optMyTypeColumn = column[Option[MyType]]("opt_my_type")
        def * = optMyTypeColumn
    It works
      class TestTableWithOptDt(tag: Tag)
        extends Table[Option[LocalDateTime]](tag, "TestTableOptDt") {
        def optDtTypeColumn = column[Option[LocalDateTime]]("opt_dt_type")
        def * = optDtTypeColumn
    it doesn't
    Here is my mappers:
        implicit def LocalDateTimeMapper: BaseColumnType[LocalDateTime] =
          MappedColumnType.base[LocalDateTime, Timestamp](
            x => Timestamp.valueOf(x),
            x => x.toLocalDateTime
        implicit def MyTypeMapper: BaseColumnType[MyType] =
          MappedColumnType.base[MyType, Timestamp](
            x => Timestamp.valueOf(x.value),
            x => MyType(x.toLocalDateTime)
    When I used not Option[LocalDateTime] i had the same issue
    Dmitry Smirnov
    Oh, i'm sorry, my bad
    I solved the problem, there was a conflict between my implicits and DateTimeImplicits
    Dave Nicponski

    Hi all! Multi part question for y'all.

    1) In a function where I have a scalar array parameter p of type Rep[List[X]], what's the "preferred" way of turning this into a Query[X, Rep[X], Seq? It isn't just p.unnest, apparently, which has type Rep[X].
    Looking at examples, it looks like Query(true).map(_ => p.unnest), which does have the right signature (albeit is a little weird).

    2) Let's say i have 2 array parameters p1 and p2 of the same cardinality. I want "a zip join of the unnested arrays". Pairs (a, b) where a from p1, and b from p2, where the indices for a and b match. How should i do this? Hint - It's not:

    Query(true).map(_ => p1.unnest).zip(Query(true).map(_ => p2.unnest))

    since this leads to a rather surprising sql behavior (at least on postgres) related to the ROW_NUMBER function being used for the zip join.

    Dave Nicponski
    ^^ anyone?
    Dave Nicponski
    @tminglei ^
    Dave Nicponski
    Actually, what i'm really wanting to get at is WITH ORDINALITY https://www.postgresql.org/docs/current/static/functions-srf.html
    because then i can do a join on the ordinality (index) columns, to achieve the zip-like behavior i want
    Dave Nicponski
    I take it that this room is dead?
    Hi @tminglei you around?
    @melrief PgDate2Support is availabe for slick 3.1.1 as an addon, you can use libraryDependencies += "com.github.tminglei" %% "slick-pg_date2" % "0.14.6" to refer it. But in master for slick 3.2, I merged it into the main jar.
    @njouanin you need define TypeMapper for Instant List with AdvancedArrayJdbcType. And, you should use timestamp instead of instant as its pg type.
    @arussel slick/slick-pg can't generate select ARRAY(select stringfield from foos) yet.
    @Leonhalt3141 yes, you can give it a try.
    @graffam use def pgjson = "json" instead of def pgjson = "jsonb" in the CustomPostgresDriver, to tell slick-pg that you want use json string instead of json binary.
    @virusdave replied to you in the issue.
    Hi All, sorry for the late. I can't receive the notifications for a long time because of the GFW blocking.
    Dave Nicponski
    oh man! sorry to hear that tminglei (both the issue response, and GFW blocking)
    i've begun pouring over the slick 3.1.1 AST implementation to see if i can help with the "get slick to structure the UNNEST into the FROM" part
    i think this might be possible with some cleverness, but it requires WAY more knowledge of slick AST than i currently have (but i'm trying to learn now!)
    is there a slick-pg_date2 build for scala 2.12?
    Gleb Alexeyev
    Hi! What is the correct way to upsert a bunch of rows into Postgres with Slick?
    Is the accepted answer (TLDR: use JDBC with batch statements directly) still correct? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/35001493/slick-3-0-bulk-insert-or-update
    Gleb Alexeyev
    Hi guys! First, thanks @tminglei for your work in maintaining this library!
    I just have a quick question – what's the best way to create a tstzrange from two Rep[OffsetDateTime] values? Been trying my luck, but so far it seems that raw SQL is the only way.
    Mateusz Górski
    Hello :) I am using slick-pg with circe support and I the JSONs that are persisted in postgres have all special characters escaped ( ie \"key\" : \"value\" ) which makes it impossible to query with postgres' JSON DSL support
    @goral09 I doubt if I could help but it would be a good idea to share a self-contained snippet that reproduces it (even if not runnable)
    Nikolai Tatarinov
    @tminglei hi. when do you expect to release next version of slick-pg?
    Maxim Karpov

    When I'm trying to use slick-pg driver (https://pastebin.com/Z3XeXVSJ; as you can see: there is nothing special with it), I get AbstractMethodError on Scala 2.12.2:

    java.lang.AbstractMethodError: Method ru/makkarpov/play/database/DatabaseProfile$MyAPI$.slick$basic$BasicProfile$API$_setter_$Database_$eq(Ljava/lang/Object;)V is abstract

    I'm suppose that this is a compiler bug, but I wondered that Googling for this error shows literally nothing.

    Guy Jarvis
    Is it possible to toTsVector a whole json column?
    rather than just by key?