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Michael Vorburger ⛑️
hi everyone, cool that you create the GitHub org
Ali Karbassi
Atle Weibell
Hi. I just installed todo.txt-cli and the Android app Simpletask, after recommendation in #todo.txt-android. I notice that tasks added by Simpletask get prefixed with the date it is added. Simpletask also has an option for due date and threshold date. Are these "extensions" to the todo.txt-format, or is it also supported by the cli, just that I didn't find it?
@aweibell This should more likely go to simpletask gitter. Dating new tasks is configurable via settings and both due: and t: are valid extensions.
Atle Weibell
ok, thanks, @kaushiknfs
Kirill Goncharov
Hi! Is this an official todo.txt chat room? I think it should be mentioned at todotxt.org instead of mailing list. Submitted a PR here todotxt/todotxt.github.io#28
is this room active?
Kirill Goncharov
Not very active. But todo.txt website now points to it as a main place for community discussions
there aren't a lot of people here either. is there a purpose to this gitter?
stumbles across todo.txt, really liked the idea. wanted to implement my own version of it.
Kirill Goncharov
I also discovered todo.txt just a few months ago. I guess that the purpose of this gitter is to discuss various todo.txt apps and productivity practices. For more technical questions, github seems more appropriate (https://github.com/todotxt/todo.txt).
Sean Murphy
Hi - I'm looking for a solution which enables me to manage todos in vim but also take notes...I've seen some notes plugin for todo, but it looks like the notes are stored somewhere else and I'm not sure if they are really linked to the tasks per se...any experiences/recommendations?
Why does the todo.txt format care so much about a task's creation date?
Benjamin Réthoré
Hi there, does anyone know about a richer version of todo.txt that can handle 'subtasks' or 'steps to completion'? I'd also like notes/comments on tasks (md or plain text)... I know the point of todo.txt is simplicity but using a format like JSON or CSV could allow more features while staying portable
I feel todo.txt needs to be updated
a nice shell based overhaul
Kirill Goncharov
@seanrmurphy_twitter I'm using Joplin (https://joplinapp.org/) for organizing notes. It's not a simple plain-text system as todo.txt, but they are similar in spirit (offline-first and can be used from a terminal).
Zachariah Aslam
Is there any way to sync todotxt with any other task management software? Or do I need to write my own? For example sync my todotxt with google tasks so I can use assistant with it
I’ve been using StandardNotes. Within SN Extensions allow for additional functionality, like code editors, lists, markdown, etc. I dream of a todotxt extension in SN. Would be a terrific integration - and allow for fully encrypted end-to-end todotxt files.
adaschma Zachariah Aslam (Gitter): sounds like you are looking for https://github.com/amcintosh/todo.txt-cli/tree/google-tasks-addon/.todo.actions.d
adaschma Zachariah Aslam (Gitter): though I haven't used it myself
Max Buchholz
Hello everyone nice to meet you,
today I tried to automate some tasks e.g. recurring tasks in my todo.txt file, but i didn't find a proper solution. Does anyone here uses recurring tasks in his or her todo.txt ?
xuhcc Simpletask and several other apps support the rec key-value tag, e.g. rec:1w (this will copy task to the next week upon completion).
Max Buchholz
@matrixbot Thank you very much :thumbsup: I'll have a look at that.