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est31 on Freenode maybe next week or so
est31 on Freenode ok
Levans 👍️
est31 on Freenode as to kvark[m]'s points, I think in general it would have been better if those alphas were proper semver breaking releases each time
est31 on Freenode with an announcement that a long term maintained release will happen soon
est31 on Freenode but that's just my view
matrixbot est31 on Freenode gtg 4 real
kvark will cargo treat them as breaking if you call them 0.20-alpha, 0.20-beta, 0.20-gamma, etc?

kvark > <@freenode_est31:matrix.org> as to kvark[m]'s points, I think in general it would have been better if those alphas were proper semver breaking releases each time

that's what I've been trying to convey...

UndeadLeech on Freenode est31: Nah, that would have been a terrible idea. Because they didn't have proper support for all platforms.
UndeadLeech on Freenode You can't just make another release for a cross-platform window toolkit and then remove half the platforms in a release.
furiouzz Hello there 👋
UndeadLeech on Freenode Hi, what's up?
furiouzz Well I am fine. Very interested by rust ecosystem and rust people. I want to help =)
UndeadLeech on Freenode That's great to hear. I'm not super familiar with winit's issue tracker, but if you're willing to learn and help, have you considered picking an easy issues and trying your hand at it?
furiouzz I got a background of web developer, I supposed I could handle the Gamepad issue here rust-windowing/winit#944
UndeadLeech on Freenode Since Windows is already implemented, I'm sure you could try your hand at one of the other platforms using that as reference. Though it's not marked as easy, which might mean that it could be difficult for someone completely new to systems languages. But web developer != web developer, so it's hard to say for sure.
Levans I expect the difficulty of this issue to be mostly in the fact that every OS has a different API for handling gamepads.
furiouzz Well, I am learning Rust since June. Cried a bit with wgpu 😂, create small task runner for learning purpose (https://github.com/FuriouZz/wk-rs) and read a lot of articles.
Levans I mean, 90% of winit is plumbing anyway, so... ^^"
furiouzz Every cross-platform project are kind of plumbing haha
UndeadLeech on Freenode gentz, do you know how with_hardware_acceleration(None) should behave on macOS? Under which circumstances would that accelerate?
UndeadLeech on Freenode It seems like None is equal to false?
furiouzz Well I succeeded the step 1, except an error with the Instant dependency the traitstd::hash::Hashis not implemented forinstant::wasm::Instant``. wasm::Instant wrap a f64 and a f64 can't be hashed =/
est31 on Freenode <UndeadLeech> est31: Nah, that would have been a terrible idea. Because they didn't have proper support for all platforms.
est31 on Freenode good point
est31 on Freenode but even then you can have an LTS that you accept bugfixes for and some experimental but proper releases with removed support
UndeadLeech on Freenode I've considered this myself before and I don't think it would be acceptable to make any official release that removes support for a platform that was previously working just fine.
UndeadLeech on Freenode That's a massive red flag imho, while pre-releases are just fine.
heeen on Freenode can someone help me with the two fixmes here https://gist.github.com/heeen/9e36b28f4251a84c5f1a1411044231a2
heeen on Freenode this is adapted from ash's example code
UndeadLeech on Freenode The borrow_mut() looks problematic. Have you tried without that?
heeen on Freenode what would the line look like
UndeadLeech on Freenode Just remove the borrow_mut().
heeen on Freenode uhm
heeen on Freenode event_loop is of type RefCell<EventLoop>
heeen on Freenode it doe snot have run
heeen on Freenode no?
UndeadLeech on Freenode Oh, sorry. I expected the event loop to be owned.
UndeadLeech on Freenode Which raises the question, why is it not?
heeen on Freenode maybe it could be owned
UndeadLeech on Freenode I'd assume that would fix the error.
heeen on Freenode I don't know. I'm a rust beginner, really, coming from c++
heeen on Freenode and this code is trying to make ashs examples build with winit master
UndeadLeech on Freenode Try removing the RefCell in the event_loop struct type and then the Refcell::new and the borrow_mut.
UndeadLeech on Freenode Then it should work.
heeen on Freenode because at older winit was just not delivering window events in time or at all
UndeadLeech on Freenode I'm not sure who ash is.
UndeadLeech on Freenode Unless you're talking about pokemon that is.
heeen on Freenode UndeadLeech: https://github.com/MaikKlein/ash