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heeen on Freenode I don't know. I'm a rust beginner, really, coming from c++
heeen on Freenode and this code is trying to make ashs examples build with winit master
UndeadLeech on Freenode Try removing the RefCell in the event_loop struct type and then the Refcell::new and the borrow_mut.
UndeadLeech on Freenode Then it should work.
heeen on Freenode because at older winit was just not delivering window events in time or at all
UndeadLeech on Freenode I'm not sure who ash is.
UndeadLeech on Freenode Unless you're talking about pokemon that is.
heeen on Freenode UndeadLeech: https://github.com/MaikKlein/ash
heeen on Freenode ok, that seems to work so far. not sure if the full example will still work though.
heeen on Freenode thanks.
heeen on Freenode the second fixme is about the F parameter not living long enough
heeen on Freenode should it be +'static?
UndeadLeech on Freenode I don't see why it wouldn't.
UndeadLeech on Freenode By which I mean I don't immediately see why the events_loop is in a refcell in the example.
heeen on Freenode actually, no it does not work
heeen on Freenode annot move out of self.event_loop which is behind a shared reference
heeen on Freenode without the refcell
UndeadLeech on Freenode Try taking self instead of &self.
UndeadLeech on Freenode The method will never return anyways.
gentz > gentz, do you know how with_hardware_acceleration(None) should behave on macOS? Under which circumstances would that accelerate?
UndeadLeech, None would mean don't care, so I guess it might give no hardware acceleration? It should probably prefer to hardware accelerate, but like, I don't know anything about the MacOS backend, so /shrug
furiouzz stdweb features does already work on winit? https://github.com/rust-windowing/winit/issues/944#issuecomment-575991946
gentz Pinged ryanisaacg, furiouzz
furiouzz Thanks gentz
gentz btw, I'd check if master builds, if so, the gamepad branch probably needs a rebase
furiouzz It already needs a rebase with the Hash Trait missing on instant library
furiouzz I made a pull request to the instant repos and the author accepted. But I saw that on the master branch, we removed the Hash Trait on Event in event.rs
sebk greetings, so I using winit 0.20 on X11
sebk and trying to draw on Event::RedrawRequested
eventloop.run(move |event, , control_flow| {
match event {
Event::NewEvents(StartCause::Init) => {
*controlflow = ControlFlow::Poll;
) => {
sebk but that never happens
sebk NewEvents(Init) is emitted
sebk and then WindowEvent { event: Focused }
UndeadLeech on Freenode You have to requset a redraw yourself.
UndeadLeech on Freenode I'd assume you're expecting to get a RedrawRequested every 1/60 seconds or something?
sebk UndeadLeech: I assume to get it at least once
sebk I thought windowed_context.window().request_redraw(); does request a redraw?
sebk I tried calling it before entering the event loop, but no luck either
sebk In fact I don't get any further events…
UndeadLeech on Freenode Yeah, request_redraw() should do it.
UndeadLeech on Freenode Wait, you don't get any?
UndeadLeech on Freenode Which platform are you on? If you're not on Wayland, have you tried the examples?
sebk I get NewEvent(Init) and then WindowEvent::Focused
sebk after that nothing
sebk good point. let me clone the repo
sebk I am on ubuntu 18? using x11
sebk (kde)
sebk the request_redraw example works
matrixbot sebk checks code
UndeadLeech on Freenode X11 should be no problem.