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UndeadLeech on Freenode At least one person besides the original author.
kchibisov on Freenode Ah, how convinient.
UndeadLeech on Freenode The same way we do it in Alacritty.
kchibisov on Freenode It just happend that there's always two ppl to test every patch in alacritty.
UndeadLeech on Freenode Yeah and according to the list of testers in winit there should be more than two people capable of testing Wayland patches.
kchibisov on Freenode The thing with Wayland, that proper PRs testing is very hard, since you should check like 4 compositors.
kchibisov on Freenode And verify that something strange you're seeing is compositor bug.
kchibisov on Freenode Most of the time that's true for GNOME.
kchibisov on Freenode But yeah, for something more complex than this one liner, I'd ping folks and wait for day or two.
UndeadLeech on Freenode Perfect is the enemy of good. Merging PRs without any second party verifying them because "testing correctly is difficult" is not exactly constructive.
UndeadLeech on Freenode Once you have people verify things on at least one compositor, you can think about having multiple tested.
kchibisov on Freenode I mean if they verify on GNOME it's hard to say anything.
UndeadLeech on Freenode Why?
kchibisov on Freenode Like the amount of GNOME bugs I've seen is rediculuos.
UndeadLeech on Freenode We should be aware of how the application behaves. If something cannot be tested on GNOME then that should be stated ahead of time.
kchibisov on Freenode And it's not that hard to trigger them.
UndeadLeech on Freenode If there is a GNOME bug, we should be aware of it.
kchibisov on Freenode I mean, I report them to GNOME sometimes.
kchibisov on Freenode Like HiDPI on GNOME is completely broken last time I've tried.
UndeadLeech on Freenode So?
kchibisov on Freenode nothing, I guess.
Kai Mast Just tested the bugfix and it resolves the problem for me.
kchibisov on Freenode Kai Mast: yeah, just set min_inner_size if you really want it on a window and not in a builder.
UndeadLeech on Freenode If something applies only to certain compositors, that should be made clear from the start. If it should work on all compositors and it turns out during the testing process that it doesn't, that's exactly what testing is there for.
kchibisov on Freenode I mean the thing with GNOME that it can arbitrary downscale you.
kchibisov on Freenode Like it just reverts scale factor after certain actions or something like that.
kchibisov on Freenode So I can't just state in every PR, 'please don't test anything on GNOME with HiDPI or verify logs in WAYLAND_DEBUG=1'.
kchibisov on Freenode I mean I agree that everything should be tested, I just don't want to test GNOME bugs.
Kai Mast Would it help if I tested Gnome stuff for you?
Kai Mast (I think since 0.23 most issues have been resolved for me though)
kchibisov on Freenode I mean, I test sway, gnome, weston, and sometimes KDE.
kchibisov on Freenode But if you really want to test things you can add yourself as a tester on Wayland.
kchibisov on Freenode Into this table ^
@lennart:nltrix.net was kicked by @appservice-irc:matrix.org ("Idle for 30+ days").
fuzbuz on Freenode Hey all. Is there any way to create a winit window from a raw window handle?
fuzbuz on Freenode I have a C++ library that creates a window and it would be neat if I could just dump that window into winit somehow rather than trying to shoehorn things in
UndeadLeech on Freenode Why are you creating a window with a different library?
fuzbuz on Freenode Because I don't control where the window comes from. I am given a window and am asked to render to it.
fuzbuz on Freenode If I can somehow convert the raw handle into a winit window, then it fits into the ecosystem nicely. If not, I suppose I can work around it.
UndeadLeech on Freenode Which library gives you that window handle?
fuzbuz on Freenode I'm 95% sure it's coming from Qt
UndeadLeech on Freenode Shouldn't you use Qt then?
fuzbuz on Freenode Nope. For multiple reasons: I really dislike Qt, I'd rather work in Rust, and the rendering library is already written in Rust and I don't feel any need to rewrite it just to satisfy a single use of the library.
UndeadLeech on Freenode If you really dislike Qt, why are you letting it create windows for you?
fuzbuz on Freenode I'm not. Someone else is and then giving me the window handle.
UndeadLeech on Freenode Are you being held hostage?
fuzbuz on Freenode In the literal sense, no. I do like keeping my boss happy, though.
UndeadLeech on Freenode What exactly do you want winit to do for you?
fuzbuz on Freenode The Rust code takes a winit Window as an argument for the rendering. If there's a nice way to turn a raw handle into a winit Window, I don't have to change the rendering library - it will just fit. If there's not a nice way, I can work around it.