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Repo info
    satoshi nakamoto
    Thank you. The transaction seems like failed.
    I scanned QR code by Tomo wallet app and sent a transaction but nothing happed.
    Do Minh Khai
    try to import private key to metamask & use metamask
    Do Minh Khai
    @etude104 To become masternode your node need in top 150 candidates
    satoshi nakamoto
    It works. You helped me. thank you!
    Do Minh Khai
    @etude104 Okey, if you have any question, you can PM me
    Joseph Hatfield
    Can anyone help me with what this means? I have 12818 tomo when i try to unvote it tells me "your balance is not enough to unvote". Have I lost the crypto
    Do Minh Khai
    @Jahatfiel_gitlab do you have Tomo in your wallet? need Tomo to pay transaction fee
    Hello peeps
    I've just discovered a bunch of $TOMOCOIN in my Etherwallet and wondered if there's a tutorial on how to swap them for the new $TOMOCHAIN coins. If it's not too late to do this!
    or send them to Binance?
    Francesco Sullo
    Similar problem. I just found some original Tomocoin (address 0x8b353021189375591723E7384262F45709A3C3dC) in a wallet. I wonder if I can still convert them to the new TOMO or they are gone forever.
    Apparently, I am not the only one who has this problem https://etherscan.io/address/0x8b353021189375591723E7384262F45709A3C3dC
    Guys, My Transaction is failing on mainet, Same is working on Testnet
    I have no idea why.
    Do I need tomo in my account to do a Tomo-Z supported token txn ?
    Nguyễn Hiệp Hòa
    hello guys, can we not deploy UNISWAP contracts on tomochain
    Matt Corwin
    hey I sent btc to the tomobridge with my wallet loged in and definitely to the correct address but nothing has happened after 25 confirmatiions can i have some help
    Conor Murphy
    Hi, does TRC21 Serum unwrap to an ERC20 token or SPL token>
    deva panda

    ERROR[04-23|08:52:14] Failed to prepare header for new block err="list M1 not found

    im facin this iss in 1st node how to resolve this?

    How could I create an ICO ? thank you
    I have created an ICO following to example of how to create a simple ICO in tomochain docs. What next ?
    Hi all, what versions of solidity are currently supported on tomochain ?
    @khaihkd ?
    Do Minh Khai
    @khaihkd where can i read the trc21 issuer smart contract code ?
    here no details are shown of the code.
    Sean van Osnabrugge
    Hi there, I still have ERC20 (original) Tomo showing on my Ethereum wallet. According to this article, it was supposed to have been automatically swapped to the mainnet, but those coins are not there. Any ideas? https://medium.com/tomochain/tomochains-mainnet-launch-and-token-swapping-schedule-6f556e2f772
    Sean van Osnabrugge
    False alarm. The native tomochain coins were staked to a pool.
    orhan erçetin
    Hi everybody
    I deleted my tomo wallet but cannot find now on google store
    Help me
    Is there anyone
    It was in play store I remember
    how are yours
    i need your help
    i have problems with tomoz
    Erience Solutions
    Checkout the Multichain FREE Token Generator created by us. It works with TomoChain as well. It comes with voice instructions. Don't forget to give your suggestions and improvement tips: https://supertoken.xyz/trc20-generator
    Erience Solutions

    We have launched now TRC20 Token Multisender as well


    We are also adding Liquidity Token Vaults, Presale Tools, etc for TomoChain Network.
    Keep watching!

    Hello, does anyone know how to store tomo on a hard wallet such a ledger?
    Dear support.
    I have sent my TOMo from Trustwallet to Safepal
    Long Vuong has to do with the game Defi Warrior?
    Hi guys, I have some usdt on trc 21 in metamask, and would like to transfer it somewhere else to use it. is this possible?
    anyone experienced transferring usdt from tomo mainnet in metamask to another network?
    Hello.. i'm new here, how do i can contact developer of tomochain ?
    Stoyan Zhekov
    Heelo everybody. Deployed a burner wallets application on testnet - https://tomo.surge.sh/ It will create an instant address and allow you to start using TomoChain without need to config Metamask etc. Still connecting to Metamask is possible - will even add automatically TomoChain to the networks. Great for on-boarding new users - just pre-fund the wallet and send them the link via e-mail or chat - they can start using it from a usual mobile or pc browser. Sources here - https://github.com/zh/scaffold-eth/tree/multi-wallet
    Also have Hardhat branch, ported to work with TomoChain (deploy contracts etc.) - https://github.com/zh/hardhat-multi-evm
    hello team github lets go
    Grant program for Github we need to start as soon as possible
    The dishonest team got all the funds. there is little team funds left, he will buy them and customize the project with masterdao fuck the team like you, dirty scammers, you are a son of a bitch, you have been defrauding people for 3 years, why do you stop developing tomochain and deal with other projects because you are a scammer
    Mmmm Bbbb
    Hey guys, someone got the contract addres ?