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Nov 2014
Nov 27 2014 00:02
colors are from (which became more complex : ) . I first tried to limit myself with colors, to force natural conception and attributions. most colors are defined in charset.css .. not so hard to change +open / discuss (linked topic : from less to sass)
Nov 27 2014 01:08

patch for init/install : go to : http://localhost(:port)/signup to create a user account

  • and http://localhost/doc/create to edit your first musicbox document. (use 'homepage' as first title to avoid "null" error message. ) via mhidou :worried:
Nov 27 2014 07:38
several commits to boot system on first launch. found a bug if not using 80 port. added an "init" function for first doc and user creation (see updated readme)
Radu Chiriac
Nov 27 2014 08:57
tom, after the npm install, when I go to localhost:8080 I get a "null" message. I've only changed the port to 8080 in the config (should I edit anything else in the config, maybe?)
Nov 27 2014 10:21
hello, essaye de rester sur le port 80, trouvé des bugs quand on le change
when node started : go to : http://localhost/init to create a user account and first document ('homepage')
user : bob password : secret
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