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Repo info
    Samuel Tonini
    @shortly-portly if you using alchemist-mix to start for example phoenix.server task a emacs process is started which runs it...
    @shortly-portly so calling it the second time wont work because phoenix.server mix task itself is already running, it's like you calling mix phoenix.server twice...the first one it works the second its busy :)
    If you're new to emacs, its like if you start something external like running a shell command etc
    there will be started a process for it...
    and in our case there is a buffer (where the output from the process will be displayed) and the buffer is kind of hanged together with the process.
    so you just need to kill the buffer (process) with M-x kill-bufferand it ask you which one.
    and you can start the phoenix.server mix task again.
    @tonini - thank you so much for getting back to me - awesome work by the way. I'd come to the conclusion that I needed to kill the buffer (but was not sure if this was the emacs way). May I ask another question. I get that Alchemist is associated with .ex files - how would I get something like mix phoenix.new <blah> to work when I'm in an empty directory with no .ex files. cheers
    Ed Browne
    I've got the same question...
    Dickson S. Guedes
    @dabro @shortly-portly you can do it with M-x alchemist-mode that will activate Alchemist mode anywhere and then M-x alchemist-mix RET new RET /path/to/you/application
    Ed Browne
    Has anyone used alchemist with a mixed erlang/elixir project?
    Ed Browne
    I’m trying to figure out how to configure emacs (spacemacs) for Erlang editing and compiling
    I’ve got an Erlang submodule for an Elixir project I’m starting
    Aldric Giacomoni
    I don't know how many people are active here, but just so you know, I'm working on moving Alchemist to use the Elixir Language Server Protocol server as a back-end, and I could use all the support in the world :D tonini/alchemist.el#341
    Aldric Giacomoni
    Got macro expansion support working
    This is ALL macros, not just Elixir Core
    Aldric Giacomoni
    Made some more progress today. Basically walking through the documentation and making sure everything works.
    I have a question about the code evaluation and what each function actually does -- I guess I'm gonna need to open the original alchemist plugin to see what its behavior actually is :p
    @beatpanic:matrix.org hello
    @beatpanic:matrix.org I would like to try tonini/alchemist.el#341 in spacemacs :) Maybe should I wait for the next spacemacs release, since it seems that will be released this month? btw, not for sure a side note, thanks for the fantastic support on alchemist.el!
    @beatpanic:matrix.org @trevoke I am here. Hope that everything is going well 😆
    @beatpanic:matrix.org just read the history
    @beatpanic:matrix.org I don't know anything about emacs lisp and I am an Elixir programmer in these days using spacemacs.. if I can be of help in some way please let me know!
    Jason Axelson
    FYI, for anyone coming in here later I would recommend trying to follow this to setup your env: https://elixirforum.com/t/emacs-elixir-setup-configuration-wiki/19196
    beatpanic +1 thank you!
    Dmitry Gutov
    Thanks from me as well, Jason. It's sad to see Alchemist stagnate, though. There are not too many projects of its kind (ambitious, integrated environments) in the Emacs community.