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  • Jan 31 2019 20:13
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    ajhool opened #1192
@jsenellart thanks
But the result is still the same
The website is still down
Jean Senellart
@4mig4 - it was a bit complicated, but website is back!
Amos Bird
Hi, can I embed torch in a c++ host and passing raw pointers as native array for torch processing?
Hello, does torch support cuda 10?

Hello, does torch support cuda 10?

Don't think so. Even TF supports 9.1 max.

./install.sh notice me that : cmake: cannot find the command
can anybody help me ?
Binesh Bannerjee
@Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummy what os are you using?
Trinadh Gupta
how to export pretrained pytorch models to onnx
for example https://www.salesforce.com/products/einstein/ai-research/the-wikitext-dependency-language-modeling-dataset/
i want to export this into onnx format
any references please ?
i am a beginner
Sam Stites
@kumarivin you might want to pose your question (or check out resources) here: https://discuss.pytorch.org
Trinadh Gupta
thank you !!
Hello, I have a question regarding cudnn.benchmark. I don't find much information about it, only that "uses the inbuilt cudnn auto-tuner to find the fastest convolution algorithms". Also that if the batches are the same size then use it, otherwise it will make it slower. I want to know if this is helpful when I am running the code in inference time just once. It unfortunately reduces my speed like twice, so I'm wondering how and when should I use it?? And if there is any source to read more about it. Thanks
Hello, does torch7 supports nvidia 2080 Ti or nvidia binary driver-version 410.73?
๖̶̶̶ۣۣۜۜ͜ζ͜͡ Sage
Why are you killing Torch7 the best ml language ?
I remember a time when things looked so promising.
Binesh Bannerjee
@kenkit I hear you.. but pyTorch is actually really good.. if you haven't already, I'd check it out.. the biggest advantage from my point of view is the extensive libraries that are available in Python that just isn't there in Lua..
is possible to create a captcha solver? I have very difficult
๖̶̶̶ۣۣۜۜ͜ζ͜͡ Sage
@bnsh I like lua and anything that's C like, I hate python it's why I don't use Tensorflow which is much more popular. But Torch is still better than the rest since lua is simple and fun.
Binesh Bannerjee
I hear you... Well... Minus the "hate python" part. It was nice having lua so close to C, and being able to just directly go into C whenever lua couldn't do what I needed... But, It's also nice to be able to use (for instance, numpy, or scipy or sklearn) for all the algorithms that they have, that neither Lua nor C had available to it...
Binesh Bannerjee
Is anyone here at NIPS?
๖̶̶̶ۣۣۜۜ͜ζ͜͡ Sage
@bnsh I guess I 'll have to move where with the tide this time :(
Lua has always been a niche language and will stay like that. It is actually a miracle that Torch even exists knowing how few libraries with such broad scope Lua has in general.
I'm not a coder/developer, at all, but i find all this very interesting, especially for the art work processing on videos... I was wondering if Torch was, in fact, just the pilaster of what is Prisma app and Artisto app... Prisma Lab sales its SDK for 3000$ a month... I will never be able to develop myself a tool to process videos on my machine (linux), or even install "artistic-videos" (well i didn't try), I was wondering, how long and with how much efforts it's gone take for a talented team of developers to make a solid piece of software able to do what prisma and artisto do, on PC ? Or may be it's a wrong path, now that phones have the Neural Network processor unit like Kirin 970 to support AI, compare to the pc world... Thanks for reading... https://youtu.be/izEuz1K34Ro
Sorry, I should have said, the code exist, some solid pieces of software exist (artistic-videos, fast-artistic-videos), just missing GUI for instance..
@jsenellart I forgot to say thank you
I think it is important to keep it up and running
how i should install torch on win10?
Peter Cheung
hi all. May i know what is the license type for torch?
Ryan Daly
Python is fabulous and easily extended with C. CPython and Cython can speed anything up
Is there anybody here?
Binesh Bannerjee
Nobody here but us chickens..
Sandeep Giri
How to find out the name of the contributors of Torch?
Does torch work on cuda 10 yet?
for cuda 10 see this https://github.com/nagadomi/distro
Kaveh Khorram
Hi everyone, is anyone familiar with any issues tracing the _get_tracing_state method in torch._C?
I'm getting: Python builtin <built-in method _get_tracing_state of PyCapsule object at 0x7f87801331e0> is currently not supported in Torchscript:
seems to be a pytorch issue, here is a torch gitter
Kunal Karnik
Hey, can anybody give me a mail where I can report a bug?
Joaquim Ramires Ferrer
Hey guys. Could you take a look at this question inn stackoverflow?
Hello :) Is there an interest for a Torch section on luaforum.com?
Is Torch ever going to work with the latest version of CUDA, and if not, how hard is it to rewrite Torch code in pytorch?
Hi - I have a torch network which appears to be trained using GPU - I am looking to change the structure so that it does not use CUDA tensors - what is the best way for me to do this?
the rest of my code is in Python, so ideally it would also be good to convert this into a Pytorch model too