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Feb 2015
Gene Vayngrib
Feb 20 2015 16:38
in yesterday’s meeting with Open Mustard Seed’s Patrick there was an interesting twist on sharing data on-demand.
Tradle today allows sharing on a very granular level, per object. Patrick suggested a scheme where an owner of the data would get the data from a secure storage, decrypt it and then launch a virtual machine / Container to provide a function to access the data. Example he gave was a function would answer a question - are you near me right now without revealing the GPS data behind it.
This approach could be used when there is a large volume of objects and issuing permissions on per-object basis is not feasible or not privacy conscious. This applies to fitbit personal data, and to sensor data from power plants.
In a later discussion with Christian, he took it to an opposite end, suggesting a more granular approach than we have.
Gene Vayngrib
Feb 20 2015 16:46
His idea is to use a merkle branch on one property in the Identity object to prove that a person has a certain twitter account without revealing all other private info. That could be used if Identity object was not public. Or could be applied to other types of objects. Let’s keep both Patrick’s and Christian suggestions in mind for future apps.