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Repo info
    when I type 'gem server', the process is not terminate. how should I terminate this?
    still using 'kill'?
    Bo Yuan Zhou
    There's a meeting right now right?
    Cem ISKIR
    Hi Kiyoto
    My gem is ready however I cannot push it to do website, I am taking this error
    gem push MyGem-0.0.1.gem
    Pushing gem to https://rubygems.org...
    Repushing of gem versions is not allowed.
    Please use gem yank to remove bad gem releases.
    I tried yank with those commands:
    $ gem yank MyGem -v 0.0.1
    $ gem yank MyGem -v 0.0.2
    $ gem yank MyGem -v 0.0.0
    However I got this error each time
    Yanking gem from https://rubygems.org...
    This gem could not be found
    @CemIskir oops, sorry i missed this
    @CemIskir does the gem "MyGem" belong to you?
    Hi @kiyoto ,

    I have a problem pushing the gem to rubygems.org The system asks for the login credentials and after successfully signing in, it says

    ERROR: While executing gem ... (Errno::EISDIR)
    Is a directory @ io_fread - FirstGemYay
    I looked up on the internet about this error and people suggested that there is something to do with the Ruby version. I am not much convinced about it.

    Please advise.

    @tirthpandya can you run "ruby --version" and tell me what that returns?
    @tirthpandya also, if you can push your work to your github repo and share the link with me, i might be able to help better =)
    Cem ISKIR
    @kiyoto MyGem is mine, but there are those
    mygem (0.0.1)
    MyGem1 (0.0.3)
    mygem2 (0.0.1)
    in remote gems
    @CemIskir gem names are case-insensitive
    (i think)
    did yo utry renaming your gem to something else, @CemIskir?
    Cem ISKIR
    @kiyoto I am looking for the command to do that, since all of the files are named after the gem name
    @CemIskir you can do "find . -type f -exec grep -i 'mygem' {} \; -print" in the directory of your gem
    Nathaniel Morihara
    Are we meeting tonight?