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Oct 2015
Oct 13 2015 16:31

Hello guys ;)
I have a question about AirFloat on iOS9.
Previously i uses it with a jailbroken iPhone but now i plan to compile it myself with xcode since you do not need a dev account anymore.

My question:
Is AirFloat iOS9 compatible? I heard there are some changes with airplay since iOS9 and OSX el capitan.

Will it work and is it save to insall on my iPhone with iOS9 firmware?


Oct 13 2015 19:10
I use it under iOS9. It works. But it usually takes 2 or 3 attempts to get an Apple TV to successfully stream the audio from a video to it, because the app frequently crashes when AirPlay connects. Same thing happens if you pause and unpaude the Apple TV. Once it's playing, however, it's stable. My Mac will also stream audio to it stably.
Yes, it works under iOS9. When streaming audio from an Apple TV video, the app frequently crashes on initial connection. I usually have to retry two or three times, but once connected it is stable.
Oops, pardon the repeat. I thought my first message disappeared into the ether, but I guess not.