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Nov 2015
Nov 24 2015 12:14

I am a newbie on iOS development and would like to share my experience on installing AirFloat on a 8.3 iOS using Xcode 7.1.1 for FREE.
Sometimes the obvious for experienced users may take us ages to figure out… Well, the idea here is to try to help people with no iOS dev experience to install this great app.

Experienced users, please correct any error you may find…


  • Download Xcode 7. It allows the creation of a personal development account for free
  • Grant development privileges your apple id - NO need for paid subscriptions! (Google it for how-to)
  • Set Xcode to use your apple id (Google it for how-to)


  1. Download Airfloat ( from
  2. Download Airfloat Library ( from
  3. Create a new folder Developer under your user
  4. Unzip in the /your-user/Developer/
  5. Unzip
  6. Copy the all files and directories UNDER /your-user/Developer/libairfloat-master/ folder INTO /your-user/Developer/AirFloat-master/libairfloat/
    Note you will have a libairfloat folder under another libairfloat folder. This should be fine.
    This prevents the libairfloat ("missing dependency target") errors during build phase.
  7. Open Xcode
  8. Enable your iPhone device in Xcode (Google it for how-to)
  9. Select your iPhone device (on the top left
  10. Open airfloat-master folder
  11. Solve any signing issues (Google it for how-to)
  12. Build the application (play button on top left)
  13. In case of bitcode error, search for “Enable Bitcode” option from Building Settings and set it to No

That’s it. With Xcode 7, you can have the cool features from AirFloat for free.

Thanks to Kristian Trenskow for the incredible work on this great application!

Brian Bucknam
Nov 24 2015 18:13
Nice write-up, @oaksfield !
I think you covered the Xcode parts pretty well. All I would add is that as of iOS 9 (or at least 9.1) Apple has added a new layer of security. To get a "personally signed" app to run (even when connected to your Mac via Lightning cable), you'll have to make a visit to the Settings app: General: Profile. You may have to try to launch AirFloat a few times to deal with each 'approval' step.