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    bovine3dom I think even if you didn't offer rewards you'd count but you offer rewards (even the little "sponsor" badge on GitHub) so it's quite clear cut IMO

    bovine3dom > Someone who carries out an activity with the aim of making a profit and to earn a living is most likely in business.

    from the same page. Sorry for sending you down this rabbit hole

    The-Compiler on Freenode meh, makes me wonder how many of the backers really are from the UK and whether this is worth the pain
    bovine3dom lots of small businesses in the EU have just blacklisted the UK
    bovine3dom you could post the T-shirts to Calais and they could come and collect them
    bovine3dom 7 day quarantine in France, 10 day quarantine in the UK #barrierfreetrade
    The-Compiler on Freenode :D
    bovine3dom I even have to do this for real at some point this year because I need to move the rest of my stuff
    The-Compiler on Freenode I wonder what would happen if I just sent the shirts... I mean, what are they going to do if businesses don't do this?
    bovine3dom stop them at customs
    The-Compiler on Freenode well, then I can just offer to send them at the backer's own risk
    bovine3dom DPD said 20% of all packages were being stopped at customs. They actually just stopped
    bovine3dom I think they might have restarted deliveries now but will refuse anything without the right paperwork
    bovine3dom since I imagine you're sending just <10 a year to the UK I'd suggest just saying that they're personal gifts. No VAT to pay then I think
    ictonyx how do I get a list of autocmds on a particular url?
    ictonyx or, my proximate problem is that :blacklistadd doesn't seem to be working
    ictonyx not really sure what's going on there

    bovine3dom > <@ictonyx:matrix.org> how do I get a list of autocmds on a particular url?

    :viewconfig --user autocmds

    bovine3dom You can only have one autocmd per URL
    ictonyx ok so in theory the url does have "mode ignore" as its autocmd
    ictonyx but it's still in normal mode when I go to that url
    ictonyx does being in a container mess this up
    bovine3dom I don't think so
    bovine3dom Can you tell us the URL and the exact autocmd RegEx?
    ictonyx ok so trying with the example of :blacklistadd mail.google.com/mail
    ictonyx gives me mail.google.com/mail "mode ignore"
    ictonyx when I navigate to that site, I redirect to https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#inbox and am in normal mode
    bovine3dom weird. That should work IMO
    bovine3dom Do you have any other autocmds?
    ictonyx no
    ictonyx just the one for tridactyl issues, and source_quiet for .* files
    bovine3dom I'll have a look
    ictonyx I figure there is probably a me problem here but I'm not too sure how to go about finding it
    ictonyx I've only used tridactyl a bit so I'm not too familiar with its underlying functioning
    aquild Is there a way I can map a key only on a specific url
    Rummskartoffel Yes, see :h bindurl
    bovine3dom ictonyx: it works fine for me. Have you done anything weird to Firefox, like privacy.resistFingerprinting?
    ictonyx bovine3dom: privacy.resistFingerprinting is false
    bovine3dom :(
    ictonyx I haven't, to my knowledge, done anything weird here, but I have had firefox installed for 5+ years so idk
    ictonyx I'll try under a different profile
    ictonyx ok, it does work under a different profile
    ictonyx hmm actually I might have an idea what's breaking it
    bovine3dom The trouble is that 5 years is a lot of state to accumulate
    ictonyx ok actually the obvious extension is currently disabled
    ictonyx why would resistFingerprinting potentially break it?
    ictonyx I'm going to try toggling some extensions but narrowing it down might help
    ictonyx does not appear to be caused by an extension

    glacambre >why would resistFingerprinting potentially break it?

    Firefox bug :/ https://github.com/tridactyl/tridactyl/issues/760#issuecomment-433679201

    @rcadeplay:matrix.org was kicked by @appservice-irc:matrix.org ("Idle for 30+ days").