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    Hi, this is a room for general discussion about Trilium Notes.
    Does this work like a forum with threads? If not, Trilium needs one to grow.
    Thanks for v0.9.2
    This is more like slack/irc for informal communication
    I think forum is right now overkill. For long running discussion about some parricul
    *particular topic, I think github issues should be fine for now
    I don't think so. If being weary of overkill and no activity for a while, these things take time to build up. Plus much lesser wares than Tril have forums. Also this format here might prohibit more. Anyway, I wanted to post the CSS code I came up with for dark theme and post screenshots and the code. Maybe later.
    @zadam im stuck on how the Journal is suppose to work. Do I have to create a new note? or is it suppose to automatically generated for the current day?
    @wanderer currently it's meant to be semi-automatic - it's created only if some script asks for it. I use simple "today button" script which adds a UI button which will create it for today. Unfortunately it's not part of the demo document (probably it should be).
    If you want to try it out, you can create a new code note for this "today" script - make sure type is "JavaScript frontend"
        title: 'Today',
        icon: 'calendar',
        shortcut: 'alt+t',
        action: async function() {
            const todayDateStr = api.formatDateISO(new Date());
            const todayNote = await api.runOnServer(async todayDateStr => {
                return await api.getDateNote(todayDateStr);
            }, [todayDateStr]);
            const dateCreated = api.parseDate(todayNote.dateCreated);
            // newly created note isn't in the tree cache yet
            if (new Date().getTime() - dateCreated.getTime() < 60 * 1000) {
                await api.refreshTree();
    after that you need to give it label (press ALT+A for the dialog) "run" with value "frontendStartup" so that button is added everytime app starts
    and then reload with CTRL+R
    On top right you should see "Today" button
    Alternatively you can just create the note for the day yourself ... The only special thing these scripts/APIs do is that they attach machine-readable attributes to notes so that scripts can understand the structure for more advanced use cases (like with the weight tracker demo for example)
    if you don't plan to do much of scripting then it's completely fine to just create the notes yourself ...
    @zadam that script worked, thanks!
    Andreas Lenhardt
    I tried to install trilium on my uberspace server. Unfortunately I didn't get it to work. Every time I open the website I receive an 503 error. Is there some special configuration needed?
    P.s I have to change the port because of server regulations.
    I have deployed a trilium by docker on my server, but when I install a desktop and try to sync with the server, the page always shows "Sync in progress". Anyone knows how to fix the problem? Both my server-side and client-side version are 0.27.3
    Eli Saado
    Sid Edwards

    Created a github gist for a basic journal template script for anyone interested. https://gist.github.com/sidedwards/ab67be678ff93081cd06bcd683e60106

    It uses the https://theysaidso.com/api/ to pull in a quote of the day everyday. Could also be used as a reference for working with an API within Trilium.

    TC Liu
    @sidedwards thanks for sharing!
    Hello, I am using docker, I have accidentally recreate new volume while experimating Kinematic. Therefore, my volume has been recreated with a fresh initial state. I would like to restore back my volume (existing data of trilium notes) to mount back the trilium. I have list of volumes using command "docker volume ls". I need to mount one of the volume to the trilium container. How should I do ?
    Christian Maher
    I have always wanted a notebook like this and have never gotten around to making one. and now I don't have to! thanks @zadam
    Michael Parks
    Heya folks - wondering what program was used to generate some of the demo gifs in the wiki. This one specifically where it shows mouse and keyboard usage.
    Antonio B.
    @zadam - I want to bring in a new font, but I'm guessing an @import in @appCss wont do, right?
    Arun Ghos
    Has anyone been able to log messages on the backend ? I'm using the api.log call in a backend script, but the log message does not show up in the Trilium logs
    Arun Ghos
    @zadam I'm using the api.log call in a backend script, but the log message does not show up in the Trilium logs. Any hints on how to troubleshoot ?
    Hi, I have small issue in importing files inside notes, when I click on open file I get the following message
    Hello, is possible place database to portable medium ? How?
    Hakan Uysal
    hello all, I have a quick question, in windows desktop app looks less sharp than the web version in the browser. Seems like antialiasing is not activated in electron. Do you know how I can solve this?
    Hey there - Since I started using Trilium my way of storing knowledge changed a lot. What I am still missing from my old approach a little is having a kind of heatmap for attributes. Often I dont remember the exact tag I used and seeing an overview of my attributes would make my life a little easier :) Am I missing something? Is there an easy way to do that? Cheers void*.ers
    Hi all, how you sync/backup your data in local deployment? (local=without central server)

    Hello, is possible place database to portable medium ? How?

    +1 For that, this is my main blocker :(

    Mathias L. Baumann
    I was wondering how well the browser interface works on mobile platforms
    nevermind then