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Nov 2016
Binh Nguyen
Nov 30 2016 04:31
@thesamet scalapb/ScalaPB#150 not sure why I get Java output instead of Scala when using 0.5.43-p3
should sbt-protoc generates Scala files by default?
nvm, I need to clean first
Binh Nguyen
Nov 30 2016 04:42
hmm. no, something wrong. Not sure why it still generate Java files from my protobuf messages. Did not happen in previous version
Nadav Samet
Nov 30 2016 05:36
@ngbinh PB.targets defaults to generate Java classes.
and sbt-protoc is an auto plugin, which means that it applies to all project in a multi project build.
so if any of your sub-projects has proto files in src/main/proto, it will generate java protobufs for them.
kenji yoshida
Nov 30 2016 06:23

Is there a way to generate List instead of Seq for repeated?

@kailuowang I think there is no way in current ScalaPB.

Binh Nguyen
Nov 30 2016 08:42
@thesamet is there a way to turn off Java files generation?
Nadav Samet
Nov 30 2016 15:53
@ngbinh two ways:
  1. add a project setting disablePlugin(sbrprotoc.ProtocPlugin)
  2. add to each subproject setting PB.targets in Compile := Nil