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Mar 2017
Nadav Samet
Mar 13 2017 06:19
@tabdulradi Looks like the code you posted is Java. Can you clarify if you are looking for Java or Scala instructions? If Java then you are at the wrong place :)
@mbesida Look into adding more directories to PB.protoSources in Compile
@dispalt Haven't seen this - can you file an issue with instructions on how to produce?
Nadav Samet
Mar 13 2017 06:24
@pradyuman Yes, 0.6-pre-x releases are stable. I don't anticipate any breaking change between 0.6.0-pre2 and 0.6.0.
Maksym Besida
Mar 13 2017 11:54
@thesamet how to add those files if they are in the jar for example?
Nadav Samet
Mar 13 2017 17:28
@mbesida See last question on, there's also a link to a full example