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Jun 2017
Eoin O'Connor
Jun 12 2017 09:37
Hi all I'm wondering if anyone has seen this before. I'm using a custom field for passwords and I am overriding the toString method to mask the password when we log. I've created a case class to this effect with an implicit typemapper available in companion object. I the associate this custom type with the password field in my proto message. This all seem fine however if I log the entire case class the password is still visible in clear text. If i log just the field it has been masked. Is this behaviour possible?
Jun 12 2017 10:08
Hello folks.
I would like to use protobuf for Zinc, Scala's incremental compiler.
I would like to know two things:
  1. What are the differences between 0.5.x and 0.6x?
  2. When will we have a stable release for 0.6.x?