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Jun 2018
Dominic Bou-Samra
Jun 07 2018 09:42
is there any way to prefix all the generate types with something like GRPC* ?
Nadav Samet
Jun 07 2018 15:02
@dbousamra , not automatically for all of them, but you can manually set the Scala name for messages to be whatever you want by adding an option
Alexander Shniperson
Jun 07 2018 15:16
is there full example of how to use custom code generation? looks like here is lost source
Andrea Peruffo
Jun 07 2018 16:05
@thesamet probably faster to discuss here :-)
thanks for the guidance first!


I wonder if the new generator and runtime functions can be shipped in a separate library (even if it's hosted in this repo)?

in the past I did it like this:

basically giving the user the possibility to set what generator to use:

does this apply somehow also to ScalaPB?

Nadav Samet
Jun 07 2018 16:40
@AlexanderShniperson that source you linked to can help you get started. There's also a UDT generator in sparksql-scalapb you can look at. I don't think there's anything better, but feel free to ask questions here.
@andreaTP Exactly, if you create a new generator, a user can just add it to their PB.targets and have it generate their code
Andrea Peruffo
Jun 07 2018 16:53
ok, I will go for it, it will break compatibility though ... I guess
(it will take time to get to a full implementation tough ... I'm doing it in spare time)
Nadav Samet
Jun 07 2018 18:18
@andreaTP why would it break compatibility if it's a separate generator? In what way?