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Jul 2018
Zacharias J. Beckman
Jul 09 2018 22:05
Looking for a little help w/ a shared ScalaPB project. We have a "common" project and a few common types (like message UUID etc.) that we want to put in there. Challenge I'm having is how to include our Protobuf definitions in the project so that it can be used as a dependency. E.g.: Dependent projects should be able to add import "common/types.proto" in their Protobuf definitions... like Scalapb's import "scalapb/scalapb.proto". So far, haven't figured out how to bundle our proto file into the project assets, and where to include it. SBT magic needed I think... @thesamet maybe you could provide a pointer? How do you bundle your protobuf/scalapb.proto and get it published (tried reading your build.sbt... eek)
Nadav Samet
Jul 09 2018 23:29
Hi @zbeckman , see try something like:
 unmanagedResourceDirectories in Compile += baseDirectory.value / "src/main/protobuf"
(update to wherever the protobuf is)