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Jul 2016
John Flores
Jul 25 2016 12:08
@lauraGgit We switched out the url to use the data.json from the new schema with the Providers/Assessors arrays. Everything is working fine. You can update the master branch data.json to use the new fields whenever you'd like.
Laura Gehardt
Jul 25 2016 14:15
@bmallred @floresj merged the new schema over to master and reran it, hopefully some of the assessor data is cleaned up now too
Bryan Allred
Jul 25 2016 14:19
Awesome 😁
John Flores
Jul 25 2016 14:23
*fist pump
John Flores
Jul 25 2016 20:23
@lauraGgit I'm going to blame Jay on this one. Could we change up the image path for the CSO 'Microsoft - Global Foundation Services (GFS) Cloud Infrastructure' to use The image currently associated to it is slightly smaller than the rest of the Microsoft cso image paths.