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    Sure. Thank's for your input. I appreciate your help. I will check the JavaWrapper's you mentioned earlier.
    @abhidevsgit Yes, I'm working on a proper API, with JSON and docs.
    @DennisMitchell Thank you very much. When can we expect it to be ready?
    @abhidevsgit It's going to be a complete rewrite of the current backend, so it might still take some time. I hope to have a working version before the Fedora 30 upgrade (April 30).
    Thank you @DennisMitchell
    Hi @DennisMitchell, Can you please let us know the latest update regarding the TIO API?
    @abhidevsgit I haven't been feeling well in the last months and didn't really get much done on the API...
    @DennisMitchell Hope you feel better soon.
    Hi Mod, I am trying to do a empirical report on languages, can I get a sandbox environment details as well as explanation of Real time: 0.134 s
    User time: 0.087 s
    Sys. time: 0.045 s
    CPU share: 98.09 %
    Exit code: 0
    Jack Douglas
    @DennisMitchell Hi, we are thinking about the possibility of embedding TIO in Code Golf Q&A on TopAnswers — we do something similar with db<>fiddle eg here: https://topanswers.xyz/codegolf?q=790. I understand there is an 'unofficial' API, would it be acceptable for us to tap into that, and would you prefer we run our own TIO servers?
    why is Python 3.8 labelled as a pre-release
    Έρικ Κωνσταντόπουλος
    @retnikt Dennis has said that it will be updated along with Fedora
    why Try It Online don't support alter() of JS?
    Hey is there an API which allows us to run code and get back the results?
    Hi, can anyone the nodejs code to create a https server with the installation of the multiple client certificates which are stored in local disk to make an authorised API call.
    Avi Sternlieb
    @Inheritanc-e There are a few in different languages, but I didn't know that until one so I'm working on one in js
    The last one is mine and I'm welcoming any and all interaction/comments/issues + actively working on it as people ask!
    We also have a chatroom which is for figuring out how to work with tio, and for that project in particular:
    Avi Sternlieb
    @Aeolian-7 I'm not totally following. Does the tio-api project I mentioned help at all?
    If so, please feel free to jump in the chatroom, ping me, make an issue, or email me at 'avifsternlieb at gmail dot com'
    Trending Technology
    A motion-based approach for monocular depth estimation on video sequences https://pythonawesome.com/a-motion-based-approach-for-monocular-depth-estimation-on-video-sequences/
    Daniel Adeniji

    Please consider adding support for Microsoft / .Net / C# / Language Version 9.

    C# Version 9 adds support for top level statements.

    Top Level Statements is spoken of here:-

    Top-level statements - programs without Main methods

    I blogged of same here:-

    C#:- Compiler Error – “The entry point of the program is global code; ignoring ‘Main(string[])’ entry point”


    Thank you much,


    Is this bridged to IRC?