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Repo info
    Marwan Rabbâa
    On .so files ?
    The propose is yo write a wrapper on top
    In on other language 😊
    Nitish Malhotra
    @tsenart and the rest of the community. What are your thoughts on creating a swagger spec for Vegeta commands ?
    Opened an issue at tsenart/vegeta#366
    Marwan Rabbâa
    I am new User of vegeta
    Need a help on setting up the same
    Luiz Felix
    Kozubal Volodymyr
    is anyone still here? :D
    Tomás Senart
    What's up?
    Kozubal Volodymyr

    I have a question and hoped that could help me with that
    I am reading the repo vegeta code
    see the link https://github.com/tsenart/vegeta/blob/cad1a0e3b054efc52d5afb024f74cdb9da7b296d/lib/pacer.go#L260

    I am trying to understand the equation that is used to describe the linear load
    I don't see how (a*math.Pow(x, 2))/2 + b*x is linear and I am wondering if I am missing something?

    Tomás Senart
    @vkozubal: If I can recall correctly, that is the integral of the linear equation.
    It integrates the linear equation over time to produce the number of hits that should have been sent at a given point in time.
    Given a specific request rate.
    Dilshan Fernando
    @tsenart : how can we send 'x-www-form-urlencode' type of content using Vegeta?
    Is it possible to feed the request body on the flow, in vegeta?
    I have a single target, to which I have to send n-number of requests. The next request is decided on the the previous respose.
    @kris-runzer can you help on this, please? The query you posted looks similar to mine.
    Narsimham Chelluri

    hello, I feel a little bit silly but I can't make out the API for testing requests https://github.com/tsenart/vegeta/blob/master/README.md#usage-library .

    I would be happy to submit a PR with more docs/examples or a wiki page or something if someone can help me. I have a bunch of request bodies lying around in []byte slices. I have an HTTP auth header I want to include in all requests. How can I send these requests to my URL in go code?

    Narsimham Chelluri
    I think I figured it out.
        targets := []vegeta.Target{}
        for rows.Next() {
                    // scan into requestJSON
            targets = append(targets, vegeta.Target{
                Method: "POST",
                URL:    URL,
                Header: http.Header{"Authorization": []string{AuthHeader}},
                Body:   requestJSON,
        rate := vegeta.Rate{Freq: 10, Per: time.Second}
        duration := time.Minute
        targeter := vegeta.NewStaticTargeter(targets...)
        attacker := vegeta.NewAttacker()
        var metrics vegeta.Metrics
        for res := range attacker.Attack(targeter, rate, duration, "") {
    Narsimham Chelluri
    ok, so I've got my load test going and I figured out the max RPS manually. I wonder how I can write Go code to make my test ramp up slowly and slow down a tad when it starts receiving unsuccessful responses.
    Narsimham Chelluri
    think i have to experiment with the Pacers
    Narsimham Chelluri
    ok, so there's a LinearPacer that may help me. i'm digging in further. any assistance appreciated
    Narsimham Chelluri
    i think i got it working by manually calling attacker.Attack() with different rates
    Narsimham Chelluri
    re: the above, what do you all think of calling attacker.Attack() multiple times with different vegteta.Rates? is that reasonable? or should i have a vegeta.Pacer that figures things out itself? maybe i can close over some variables and include the application level "ok" check ive implemented, and get a vegeta.Pacer that does what i'm doing in between calls to attacker.Attack()
    Narsimham Chelluri
    @tsenart any thoughts on the above?
    Hi everyone, I wanted to know if it's possible to specify the packet length of the traffic in vegeta.
    Like if i wanted to send traffic with packet length say 600 bytes, can we specify that in vegeta?
    Thank you
    Hi guys. Facing, what appears to be, a basic problem. I'm using a json target file and while it works fine for a single target, I'm not sure how to enter multiple ones. Using it as a multi-line jsonl file didn't help. Any ideas?
    Eduardo Del Balso
    I'm actually struggling with the same thing as @BadgerBadgerBadgerBadger above
    Manshi Limbu
    Hi, I am new user of vegeta, How to see the results of all URLs request/response. All I can see is common or generalized request/response no matter how many urls i used for loadtesting.
    anyone tried -cpu=1 but vegeta still use all the cpu?
    hi guys, struggling a bit with the keepalive flag
    destination is an nginx with some pretty standard config that sends "< Connection: keep-alive"
    i was expecting vegeta to do what its gotta do and them close the connection (keepalive parameter set to false)
    lsof -P -n -i tcp | awk '{print $2,$4,$9,$10}' | tr -d 'u' | sort -u | while read pid fd connection state; do stat --printf "%z %N $connection $state\n" /proc/$pid/fd/$fd; done | sort -r | egrep ":443"
    above command shows connections ESTABLISHED for more than 60 sec. Is this the normal behavior? Probably missing the point of keep-alive completely. Can you kindly help?
    vegeta attack -insecure -duration=180s -rate 5 -max-connections 1 -timeout 2s -keepalive false
    ^^ @jpfuentes2 could you kindly take a look?
    tomaz bracic
    is there an option to ignore SSL ... ?
    to ignore cert validity i mean
    tomaz bracic
    found it
    Alessandro Vermeulen
    I would like to be able to plot cpu and mem usage of the target in the same graph as the vegeta data. Has anyone done that before?
    Hi. I have a triton setup up and running in kubernetes with service exposed. I was able to curl the model to do the inference but when I run load testing with Vegeta to the same IP:port using POST, I am getting 403 forbidden error. Whereas with CURL host:ip, I am getting Connection reset by peer.
    @sjmach @sjmach Hi did you manage to solve the 403 forbidden error?
    Jakub Chledowski
    Hi There! I am trying to pass an image into a request, but am getting 422 error. Do you have any tips on what I might be doing wrong? My command:
    echo "{\"method\": \"POST\", \"header\": {\"Content-Type\": [\"application/x-www-form-urlencoded\"] }, \"url\": \"<URL>\", \"image\": \"@data/train_20.jpg\" }" | ./vegeta -cpus=4 attack -duration=1s -rate=2 -max-connections=1 -max-workers=1 -format=json | tee results.bin | ./vegeta report