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Dec 2015
Mudit Bhutani
Dec 12 2015 12:01
crap .. i joined this bootcamp today and the event is missed ..
Dec 12 2015 12:27
I had an exam today.
When will the next event be?
Mudit Bhutani
Dec 12 2015 12:28
from how long u ppl been with this program ?
Dec 12 2015 15:31
Hello Delhi Campers. Thanks to all who showed up to our meetup today. We had around 25 from all over the coding world. App developers, startup starters, ngos, computer science pros and rote beginners. It was a great day.
Himanshu chauhan
Dec 12 2015 15:55
@muditbhutani with freedcodecamp or todays meetup?
Mudit Bhutani
Dec 12 2015 21:46
with freecodecamp