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Jul 2016
Nick Burleigh
Jul 19 2016 02:04
anyone chatting?
Jul 19 2016 05:46
i'm here
Jul 19 2016 13:55
Anyone has any ideas on how to have your accordion open and also link to a heading in your page at the same time?
Vojtech Polivka
Jul 19 2016 19:18
could anyone help me with showing bootstrap's modal?
I have a fade class and style="display:none" on the outer modal div, then I add in class and style="block" when I want to show it. It works, but the animation does not. I don't understand why. What am I missing?
Mohammed BAZA
Jul 19 2016 22:23
what's in the fade class ?
Jul 19 2016 23:20
@Erklik can you expand on that?
@vojtapol I find it's best to get out of Bootstrap's way and let them manage the modals themselves. :dart:
I believe fading in is the default behaviour out of the box, so to speak
@pranayroy01_twitter I like for themes