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Jul 2016
Urmil Setia
Jul 20 2016 03:37
Hi Guys, I need help with designing a Tutorial to give user the next step on clicking on the vCal that was just download to and open it in Outlook. Anyone knows any lib or any website which has it. Thanks
Avinash Devarakonda
Jul 20 2016 07:47
i tryed to use bootstrap with npm . it is installed perfect manner but it is not work when i am coding
rangana sampath
Jul 20 2016 08:04
@avinashdvv what kind of setup you are using when coding? are you starting a node server when doing the coding or do you use other mechanism?
Avinash Devarakonda
Jul 20 2016 08:05
@rangana i didn't get question exatly
rangana sampath
Jul 20 2016 08:48
@avinashdvv we can start a local dev server when working, with Nodejs and ExpressJs with hot reloading, i wanted to know weather you are following that approach or weather you are using nginx or apache local server when developing?
Biswas B
Jul 20 2016 10:19
Any recommendations on guides/tuts on responsive web design using bootstrap
Caleb Chiesa
Jul 20 2016 19:05
so how would you make a layout that is unscrollable kinda like this gitter site? Where the main page is not scrollable but content inside it is