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Feb 2017
Mark Joseph Rivera
Feb 07 2017 01:18 UTC
@mailok__twitter it depends on the situation everytime you will have a serious or non-serious project. Using Bootstrap 3.3.7 version is stable, though Bootstrap Alpha are mixed of stable codes, which it has new features than the version 3. So I think, instead of that question, you should see how big the project is to handle multiple modules using this front-end framework… Again, it depends on your needs. Bootstrap have multiple sister sites that support other modules, just Google it and you will see and amaze by it. Happy Coding!
Feb 07 2017 02:54 UTC
Hey, I am having some issues with bootstrap columns. I feel like I am missing something simple in my code. The col-md-* classes aren't working for me. Can someone please take a quick look?
Mark Joseph Rivera
Feb 07 2017 03:00 UTC
@myleskilos looks fine and working to my part… what was the issue you experience it bad?
Feb 07 2017 03:03 UTC
@imarkdesigns you're right. It is fine. I had my editor along the side instead of along the right, and bootstrap did what it should when it hits a breakpoint.. it stacked them. Ugh - sometimes these things are so frusterating
Feb 07 2017 07:41 UTC
yay, responsive ;)
Feb 07 2017 09:58 UTC
Hello, Can anyone explain what class is used to create fixed header in bootstrap ?
Danilo Polani
Feb 07 2017 11:43 UTC
@Deepak8717 navbar-fixed-top? (
Feb 07 2017 13:21 UTC
@Deepak8717 use bootstrap navbar
Sudarshan Regmi
Feb 07 2017 14:16 UTC
Is there ruby on rails group?
Feb 07 2017 17:23 UTC