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Feb 2017
Maxime Dubois
Feb 20 2017 00:04
is there any "notification" plugin for bootstrap 4 yet?
Ajay NS
Feb 20 2017 10:08
Hey! I've been working on brackets for a while now and I really like it. But while working on webpages, I find it a task to google CDNs for js scripts/frameworks individually. Is there any extension for adding it directly by searching by name or so? (Similar to the adding scripts in plunker)
Pradeep B
Feb 20 2017 10:52
@Nanounit Hey! Sure man :)
Hammad T. Mousa
Feb 20 2017 13:01
Can you assess this
Zack Richardson
Feb 20 2017 15:25
anyone have any tips for my tribute is still a work in progress.
Alexey Zagorulko
Feb 20 2017 17:55
Hi could someone HELP ME PLEASE, I want my navbar (which I made as an ul with li elements) to stay at the top of the screen when you scroll down... how can you do that? :)
Zack Richardson
Feb 20 2017 18:19
#cssmenu {
    position: fixed;
    left: 0;
    top: 0;
    width: 100%;
try that
René Goretzka
Feb 20 2017 18:48
heyo... i am using the grid system from bootstrap and want to break the columns to new line.. i tried class w-100.. but they are not adding new line
is there also an way to set max columns of a row to a specific amount? like i have 4 cols and there should be only 2 in a row.. but the amount of the cols are changing.. so it can be just one.. two.. three etc.
René Goretzka
Feb 20 2017 18:56
but i dont want to set col size to 6, because when i have a single picture, it should be size of 12
Pradeep B
Feb 20 2017 20:22
@Uncertainties Just add the class "navbar-fixed-top"
Feb 20 2017 21:00
I dont know if this would help - grid ssytem tutorial -
theres a section there that says "Bootstrap Layouts with Column Wrapping Feature" - not sure if thats what your looking for
René Goretzka
Feb 20 2017 21:26
@Cyric263 the clearfix is not working for me
cant create a break row
Leonardo P Braida
Feb 20 2017 22:05
anyone know how to use carousel in bootstrap hanving issues